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  1. I know WL2 has more options but I don't think I'm choosing the creative or commentary options because frankly I think my first comparative essay was good, so I should be able to produce a second better one. But my question is it that the word count, format, etc... the same for the comparative option and WL Assignment 1?
  2. I've actually wanted to go to the US but unfortunately I couldn't get my green card in time, so I would have to pay international tuition fees. IB has been at our school for only the past 2 years, I'm actually one of the first generation of students there, so we had no choice in which courses we could pick and believe me I wouldn't have picked English as a HL if I had a choice! Also, I'm not actually saying that I would go into neurosurgery but it was just a simple fact if I were to go into it I would be both a rocket scientist and brain surgeon. I do know I want to do something in the field
  3. Hello, I am currently in my IB2 year and my final year of high school about to graduate soon. For the longest time I believed I was going to go into medicine, notably surgery, as my life goal but I'm starting to have second thoughts on it. Thinking about it now, I've always loved problem solving and building things, and for some odd reason, have an affinity for aircraft and space crafts, so now I'm thinking about going to University of Toronto engineering science and majoring in aerospace, then perhaps get my master's at MIT or somewhere else. I could also use this as a backup career in case I
  4. Hello, for my WL Assignment 2 I've chosen the comparative study using Antigone and Things Fall Apart. My question is there any difference to the WL Assignment 1 and this one? Also my topic chosen is "How pride contributed to the downfall of Okwonko and Creon in Things Fall Apart and Antigone." Critique it if you wish. Thanks.
  5. Your question is good and seems like it would be suitable for a 4,000 word essay, however I would rephrase it a bit: "To what extent did the German reparations from the Treaty of Versailles lead to hyperinflation in the Wiemar Republic?" That would be my take on the question, but I wouldn't worry about it too much for now if you haven't started writing yet, I changed mine quite a bit by the time I was finished my EE. And if your still unsure about the suitability of the question, in terms if whether you can write enough about the topic, then try making an outline first to see if there's enough
  6. So basically my dilemma is that I don't know which colleges to go for my undergraduate studies. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and the closest university here is the University of Saskatchewan and if I go there it's around $10,000 yearly but I would rather move out then live at home because frankly I want to see the world. However, I want to go to universities in Texas because I have family living there, and I'm thinking of applying to universities such as UT of D, UT at Austin, SMU and Rice university. I'm hoping I can get into Rice because they offer good financial aid but I need to raise my
  7. Due on October 11, I've almost finished adding the context part of the event, the strikes, rebellion, suppression etc... but it took up quite a bit of words (1415 to be exact). I like your idea about including the law in my question though, although I can't think of any at the moment. Also another reason why I'm hesitant to use the second question is because I'd have to research a lot more into the NEP, which I don't have time for. How about this instead? "Were Lenin and Trotsky justified in repressing the Kronstadt rebellion in order to eliminate the threat of counter-revolutionaries?" It s
  8. Currently, my research question is "Was Lenin and Trotsky justified in suppressing the Kronstadt rebellion?" but I'm starting to have doubts about this now. I can't seem to limit my context for the essay and the question doesn't seem focused enough. I was thinking about changing it to "What role did the Kronstadt rebellion play in the creation of the New Economic Policy (NEP)?" but I really don't want to start researching again since my first draft is suppose to be due soon. Any thoughts?
  9. So I was thinking of using the topic "The effect of imprisonment on Antigone and Meursault in Antigone and The Stranger" for my world lit paper 1, but I still have doubts on whether I could possibly write 1000-1500 words on this and was just wondering thoughts about it? Good? Bad?
  10. I'm thinking about writing this for my history extended essay but I'm just a little worry if it's too narrow to write. What do you guys think?
  11. Hi there so for my extended essay I naively picked biology as my subject at the beginning, but unfortunately I later on find out how difficult it is to actually create an experiment for biology and write it out. I'm about to start year 2 IB and am wondering if it is too late to change my extended essay subject from the IBO, I cannot seem to get any contact from anyone at my school.
  12. For my extended essay I chose biology as my subject but I'm starting to reconsider it now, seeing as how little information I can extract from biology experiments. Would changing my subject to chemistry be a better idea? I could get into the mathematics and be more in depth much easier but I don't know if it's too late though. If so, how would you propose an biology experiment which I can extract lots of information from? I was thinking about doing something about debunking food myths........
  13. Hi guys, my IOP is coming up pretty soon and I pretty much have everything done but was just wonder on how to exactly present it in what format. Would I explain what my works are then follow with quotes then what they mean or what? Also my topic will be "How the author uses language as a weapon in 1984".
  14. Hi I'm currently having my internal assessment for chemistry SL at the moment. The topic our teacher has given us is "study the energy of various fuels". My lab design is going to be about testing the HHV values of different states of hydrocarbons but my problem is that it uses a bomb calorimeter. Would I have to explain within the instructions how to use the bomb calorimeter? And is it even a good lab in your opinion?
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