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  1. Hi guys, I want to start preparing for HL math early and do some work in the summer. I was wondering if they are any websites or books that I should start studying from. Thanks
  2. I have a question, what chapters of the ib course companion are for SL? It doesn't seem to specify enough. Thanks.
  3. We are supposed to create our own experiment and do an IA on it right? My physics teacher is telling us we really don't. I am kinda of confused on that. Pleasse help. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, I am having trouble with my IA. So my question is how does concentration of solution affect the voltage? I am not really getting the central idea. Please help. Thanks.
  5. Publishing of a website - Creativity & action building a robot - creativity playing sport - action volunteering - service
  6. I think its 50 hours required. However, there are lots of projects that involve volunteering. I think service is the easiest of them all.
  7. I have to do 150 total including the 75 involved for the CAS project.
  8. If you guys want, you guys should also look up khan academy videos. He teaches them amazing.
  9. From what I heard from my classmates, HL Psychology is one of the easiest IB's to pass. So I wouldn't worry so much about. I heard you don't need to know psychology before to learn it. Because we experience psychology everyday so it's easier to link to your life.
  10. Two science HL can be hard to manage. I would think it's better to choose one science and maybe one SL science. But math SL is pretty easy.
  11. Same here! I cry and empty out all my pain and I feel so much better afterwards. However, I do have nervous breakdowns frequently which scare me.
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