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  1. Yeah, for that question I almost multiplied the 30's as well though, originally I put down 900ln4, but then I changed it back to 30ln4 before it was too late
  2. Yeah For that question I tried graphing it originally, but then I realised it would be easier to just solve for t using logs, then add that time to the original time it gave you to get the answer
  3. I had never seen it either, but yeah I just improvised by using the formula
  4. The general form is y= a sin b(x-c) + d which can also be written as y= a sin (b(x-c)) + d so expanding it wasn't necessary. Actually yeah you're right! I've been mistaken all along and after thinking about it logically it makes sense
  5. To find what the value of c was. So the value of c wasn't the horizontal translation (2), therefore you need to expand out first to get 2=bc, therefore c=8/pi?
  6. You didn't need to expand it, but when you differentiated, you needed to make sure you chain-ruled the inside. Why wouldn't you need to expand it? Isn't the general form ?
  7. While I think that you're right about everything else - what aren't you impressed about software on a mac? Personally, I can't edit my preferences as well. The programs (for me) aren't as easy to make alterations to. Take the music related stuff. iPods don't allow for that much free use in many other programs than iTunes. I DISLIKE THAT WITH A GREAT FIERY INTENSITY. I want to be able to use whichever music provider pleases me. I want to be able to transfer files in a snap, as in, drag and drop. In general though, I'm able to do more creation and editing in general on a PC. Perhaps it's just t
  8. While I think that you're right about everything else - what aren't you impressed about software on a mac?
  9. Ezeh


    You have another 6+ months anyways... If you're thinking that you might struggle - put your head down and study hard. 6 months is plenty of time to get a 7 in each subject if you really really want it.
  10. Ezeh


    I'm fairly sure that you can but you have to pay the IB fees again. I'm not 100% sure so correct me if I'm wrong...
  11. That's very strange... If that's what it gives you - then use that and possibly mention it somewhere in your write up. Alternatively you can calculate the individual uncertainties of each data point by adding the percentage uncertainties of the time and velocity.
  12. That's good news! And yeah the probabilities are meant to be high, because the fail rate was so low
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