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  1. You find you ring, but it is has been eaten and crapped out by you dog. I wish I was invincible.
  2. Hello, my group is having a little trouble relating experiments. So we these following experiments : Biology: pH, dissolved oxygen Chemistry: Water hardness, Metals Physics: How does the angle affect the reflection of light in water/ so this affexts temperature and oxygen in the water How can we relate all these experiments in our conclusion? We were thinking relating it to organism living in that lake. Would they be able to survive because there is a lot of affluent water coming into the lake.
  3. I want to write about Lithuania's dictator A.Smetona and something that during his reign the country fluorished And I would like it to sound something similiar to this : To what extent we can call A.Smetona a good dictator - but I can't because the word good is undefinable and to broad So the theme would be something about how the dictator was good ,because mostly we only know bad dictators who destroys their country .
  4. Hello, I am currently working on my economics commentary and I decided to indlude more statistics. So am I permissible to use other sources sites that have their statistics. Thanks Edit: I mean without information provided in my article.
  5. This topic is dedicated to Soviet policies, Sovietization of Eastern and Central Europe, COMECON, Warsaw Pact. Major themes Origins of the Cold War • Ideological differences • Mutual suspicion and fear • From wartime allies to post-war enemies Nature of the Cold War • Ideological opposition • Superpowers and spheres of influence • Alliances and diplomacy in the Cold War Hello, Can anybody help me to find the answer for this question: stalins role in development of cold war? Thank you:)
  6. Hi everybody, So I starting my portfolio only now and want to hear your opinion what graphs should I include? should I include stellar shapes? and how approximately words did you write? All your answer will help me a lot Thank you,
  7. Can you write the solution cuz I still don't get what the angles are? Please
  8. It's done with paint, bare with it Could you show how do you count it? Start at point A, assume you are facing straight up and that is 0 degrees. Turn counter clockwise however many degrees it says (200 in that case) and then make your line and label it with the length or whatever. When you get to point B do the same, assume you are facing straight up and that's zero degrees then turn counter clockwise however many degrees it says How to get the AC?
  9. It's done with paint, bare with it Could you show how do you count it?
  10. I missed some lessons because of illness and I had an impression that these HW will be easy. Could anyone help me cuz I'll be in a big trouble latter... I would be very thankful if you help me finish them ;(
  11. Hello, I am struggling with my maths homework. Any help, please? 2 exercise f only and 3 a only THANK YOU!
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