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  1. I think I have finally made up my mind! How successful was the sovietization of Lubelskie county in the years 1944-1956?
  2. Actually he was at the right place at the right time, I don't think if any less talented leader could trigger the revolution. He was very charismatic and was also a pragmatist. Luck has nothing to do with it as Russia was a black powder keg at the time.
  3. The best way is to state a thesis whether he was shrewd or lucky. Then support it with some evidence. Sometimes put sentences like 'On the other hand' to make it more analytical.
  4. There's no such corelation whatsoever and you cannot check it because of too many variables. The date simply cannot be the independent value.
  5. Do you think that non-native lawyer can be succesful? Or he will always be worse that his native colleagues?
  6. in my class there are two types of students those who study hard and those who don't the common thing is that we all moan about IB
  7. The book is very good actually. It just depends on the reader. I think that Ivan is a hero and he's rather depicted favourably.
  8. :oooooooooooooooooooo Polish biscuits with jelly... Not banned for great choice. Even though i'm not very patriotic i must admit that's these ones are delicious Delicja = sth delicious
  9. *cough* Kochanowski for literature is like Newton for Physics... You may find him boring, still he was a genious in what he did. Leśmian is not well-known abroad as he tended to create his own words that were impossible to be translated into other languages. Szymborska is fabulous. However, I prefer Herbert. He was the master of poetry. And yeah, CAS is like a piece of cake as all I do for myself can really be counted as CAS. The other subjects seem fine to me, as well. The good thing I am taught only by skillful and experienced teachers.
  10. banned because im getting addicted to snuff tobacco
  11. banned for not having any entertainment beside "Games and Jokes"
  12. Russian is cool. And for Poles it's really simple. I've never learnt russian but i understand half of the words you wrote down Język polski też jest fajny! Ale trudny.
  13. all glory to Bartosz jALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD
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