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  1. That just isn't fair, you should've been allowed to do Korean A1... Anyway, I'm not ESL, but you'll get through it! Why'd you go for HL though? It makes it a bit harder.
  2. Theoretically, there is no distinction. There is absolutely no way to know if words coming out of someone's mouth are simply a lie or truth. However, practically, we are forced to believe certain things as truth. Are you going to get a history book, go back through every source cited, trying to find an inaccuracy? It's just not worth the time or effort, is it? Some things aren't even worth lying about, like the statement "I saw a guy with really nice jeans yesterday", I mean, what does anyone have to gain from lying about that, and anyway, if it was a lie, there's no way to find out. So you'r
  3. So I've chosen to do the 2b assignment, and I can choose between Perfume, Metamorphosis, The Guide and Hedda Gabler. I was thinking of doing a conversation between Grenouille and Gregor from Perfume and Metamorphosis respectively, on the topic of morals and how they both perceive them (morals seen as weakness in both the books, but both characters have opposing opinions on this). Then I realized, neither of them talk. Ever. Well, they do at times, but it's mostly internal dialogue. Do you think this could work out? Or should I try to put someone more chatty in the assignment, like Raju from Th
  4. Yeah, just put it in there. It's an appropriate revision and you can talk about how you found it a little, so it eats up some space too
  5. I still can't "analytically" find the function for this damn data. I've been trying for at least a week and I've tried EVERYTHING! RREF, least squares, matrix method... I'm just so stuck. I just don't know what to do.
  6. No, no problem ok so you actually get the solution already, right? Be careful of the E..you may want to change the settings in your calculator to give you the answer in 3 sig fig or something so that the answers would be like 0.000291 or whatever instead of answers with E-k. Good luck with the rest of the task! Ahh ok, well since it's not giving me a full range of values I'll probably just try for a lower order. Hope this helps other people too. Thanks!
  7. Hahaha thanks for editing the previous post instead of just multiposting! Huh? I still don't get that. Any chance you could type it or something? Or just give me the values in each row, like 1,0,0,0,0,0,0,5 or something like that. If the 7x7 on the left isn't a 0 matrix you need to perform some calculations and assume a variable to be a parameter! I can help you through, don't worry. Is this too much for you? Instead of rref you can do substitution or elimination method, but all of them are confusing so just pick the best method lah Ok so here's what's happening... Sorry if I'm a bit of a bo
  8. Ah thank you! No.. rref is possible for square matrices only. If you have 10 sets of values of x and y (t and P) then just pick 7 of those nobody would want to find a 10th polynomial anyway.. that's too confusing 3 values? Er can you get a screenshot and put it here or something..? PM me if you don't want other people to see it. If the a, b, and c are positive or negative real numbers and the rest are zeroes, then their values are zeroes, given that the 7x7 on the left is a 0 matrix Then the equation would be y=ax6+bx5+cx4 and that's it! Yeah, instead of the "1" indicating the coefficient
  9. Are you a wizard? You're amazing, thank you so much! Just wondering though, is it possible to RREF with a non-square matrix? Since I have 10 data values, and 7 unknowns, would it be possible to RREF that? Or should I attempt an order 10 polynomial (that's a bit much though)? Really, thanks for all the effort you put into that! And I'll def speak to my teacher about it. Edit: Ok, so I got it, but it only gives me 3 values in the far right column. Does this mean that it's actually a 3rd order polynomial? I did found the 6th order polynomial function through the trendline function in Excel though
  10. Hi, I've been trying to develop a sixth order polynomial function for ages, and I just can't! I've tried using the least square equation (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/LeastSquaresFittingPolynomial.html), but when I get to the last bit, I just get an error when I attempt to calculate the inverse of the transposed matrix multiplied by the matrix itself, . How is it supposed to work? Reeaaalllly frustrating. Thanks! Edit: For the matrix, call it X, I keep getting <Error: Singular Matrix> on my GDC (Ti-84) for (XX^T)^-1 But, EVERYWHERE I'VE READ, IT SAYS THAT THIS IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. SO IN
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