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  1. Firstly, good luck to all November 2012 IB students! May the IB examiners be ever so lenient with your IA's and external examinations! God bless. A few tips from a May 2012 student. You must FOCUS. Do not rush, but pay attention to the time! READ the question! Seriously I can't believe how many silly mistakes I've made in my lifetime by not paying attention to the question! Also as I have mentioned in my other posts, you must believe in yourselfs! As my physics teacher used to say (in memory of the amazing Maurice) "Half of the exam is fear", when you are able to overcome that fear, your amaz
  2. Only by having the will, the will to never give up, the will to stay powerful, the will keep your emotions intact, and a will of radiant positivity instead of a gloomy helplessness , only then can you deal with the giant behemoth that is the IB. , I suggest sports! This can also go into your CAS hours for action, it really does help raise motivation! Breathing excercises are very useful in dealing with stress as well if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, then BREATH, make sure with every breath that you fill your lungs, pause for a few seconds and let all the stress exit your system
  3. Nice bump! But YES! It's definitely Business and Management HL! Do not screw around with this subject, else you will find yourself kicked in the gonads! The IA for Business and Management HL is really easy, but the amount of topics in the syllabus to be covered is mindblowingly huge! I was really about to cry (well..not really) at the sheer enourmous scale of how much study was needed! Aaand the external exams for Business and Management HL is like russian roulette, you don't know what you get and if you get something sneaky in the syllabus that you have barely payed attention to, then be prep
  4. 6 MAY 2012 - ENGLISH A1 SL in ENGLISH 6 MAY 2012 - ARABIC B HL in ARABIC C MAY 2012 - HISTORY EE in ENGLISH 5 MAY 2012 - BUS.& MAN. HL in ENGLISH 5 MAY 2012 - PHYSICS SL in ENGLISH 5 MAY 2012 - DESIGN TECH. HL in ENGLISH 5 MAY 2012 - MATHEMATICS SL in ENGLISH B MAY 2012 - THEORY KNOWL. TK in ENGLISH EE/TOK points: 1 Total Points: 33 and Diploma awarded! Got my university acceptance! Woot!!
  5. I actually contaced my CAS advisor and he said that if i already have 157 hours with service at 40 hours. It's fine since 40 to 45 is an acceptable range even if i hadn't gotten 50 hours! Thank you so much for clarifying! But i thought that CAS is assesed from out the school in a manner similar to the externals?
  6. Ok so i have 157 hours apportioned 62-55-40. Does it have to be 50-50-50? Will i get my dipolma tommorow?
  7. What will I miss most? My peers.. Other than that, absolutely NOTHING!! Well I'll miss the Physics and Math SL and English A1 SL AND MY LOVE "DESIGN TECHNOLOGY HL" but it's not something I would do all over again... The IB is almost done, I see my garden basking in the sunlight from my study desk!! Ohh the sunlight is so luminous!! It YEARNS FOR MY ARRIVAL!!! AND I SHALL WILLINGLY HAND MY LIFE FROM THE IB TO THE SUNLIGHT!!!! OHHHH!!!
  8. I think that's incorrect! A star with apparent magnitude of -35 would be brighter than the sun at lunchtime!!
  9. I did. It's just that I never studied it before the previous night, and I did not have time to look at general relativity at all. I was able to do surprisingly many of the calculations though, so it went pretty much according to the plan.Astrophysics was quite easy, but I'm seriously worried about my handwriting. And I think I used the wrong unit in the apparent magnitude calculation, so I got something around -35 as the result. That would be one bright star... Although im SL, i think we got the same question, wasnt m=-0.6?
  10. Wavelength of 400 nm was given, so to find the energy of photon, its plancks constant x speed of light / wavelength , the speed of light over wavelength gives the frequency As for the age of the rocks, i just did that 23% is somehow 2 around half lives? and 1 half life was around 1 billion yr? i could have gotten that one wrong i admit. But still went pretty well! I somehow did the equation method and got 2.7 billion yrs!! That was very close to mine 2.6 billion years lol!!
  11. What was the age of the rocks in nuclear? And the maximum kinetic energy of electrons in quantum? I got 5eV and 2.6 billion years for the age of the rocks ;p If i remember right: Hc/lamba + phi was the kinetic energy, which was 3eV + 2eV to give 5 eV. And the rocks? 23% left means it has gone through around 2 half lives? so 2x(half-life) would be around 2billion-2.6billion yrs?
  12. Anyone? The oxford companion isn't all that helpful with Human Resources either (in fact, I find that book near useless except for save a few things in operations management)
  13. I pretty much have the entire syllabus memorized, but I somehow can't find my HR notes, is it ok if anyone can attach some HR notes here? Thank you so much!
  14. How did it go guys? I picked Quantum and Nuclear Physics + Astrophysics. HOPING FOR A 7!!!!
  15. I SERIOUSLY recommend Tsokos! In our Physics exams for SL, SO MANY questions came from it in the exam (P1, what are the conditions for conservation of momentum and me answering "no external forces act on the system" and it's just an amazing book overall. However when it comes to Quantum Physics Option for SL. I'm having a sort of dislike for Tsokos since he doesn't explain the relevance of nuclear energy levels (which came on options) . Still Tsokos is awesome!
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