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  1. You should email the school or call them to be completely sure I think
  2. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/IB_European_History Wikibooks has it all :-) Hope it helps!
  3. Hello there dear IB people! I need some help.. What should be included in a IA, microeconomics, in economics? The basic "manual"? Cheers
  4. Dear, clever IB-students! Please help out with this question. Cheers "It took a train 45 seconds to pass through a 1320 ft tunnel. At the same speed, it took the train 15 seconds to pass a a watchman. How long was the train?" well if it gets past a single point in 15 seconds then in three times the amount of time it would travel three times it's length so if is goes 1320 feet in 45 seconds it would be 440 feet long
  5. I think there could be an end to science, if humans could prove that science is not reliable and not scientific enough to be considered as science - then! Consequences: confused society. We have a relatively related tok essay; art and science. Also extremely confusing.
  6. Did the peasants situation during Stalin's rule change in radical ways, and how. My question is: does anyone know any good sources (books or internet pages, not movies) where the peasants situation during Stalin's rule are written about? Greetings /tired IB student
  7. Hey! An understandable explanation of the stages in DNA transcription and DNA translation? Would be very appreciated. Cheers
  8. Deas IB students out there! I am very stressed and I am even getting zits from all the stress! Waking up early, going to bed late. I am tired and stressed, think the message has come through (stressed). So... Any IB tips regarding how to release stress? (Very needed) Cheers.
  9. So, anyone else out there that read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in English A2 (or A1 for that matter)? What did you think of it? I liked it, atleast the parts when Chief Bromden wasn't hallucinating (in the fog), I found that confusing and rather dull... The Christ-like figgures in the book were interesting though (jesus and his 12 followers etc.). Cheers
  10. Hey there economics students, I need help! How is it possible for a firm to earn abnormal profit in the short run, and why can't they earn abnormal profit in the long run (planning time)? Cheers.
  11. So if I chose USSR - do you think there is some way I could write about Stalin (something that is not in the course and not a biography which wasn't allowed)? Thanks!
  12. Internal Assignment History HL; Can't I write IA on how Stalin achieved power in Russia because it is too close to the course? Because my teacher said we shouldn't write about something that is in the course. Though, any tips on IA topics during the time Stalin was in power? Thanks.
  13. Well i hope my explanations aren't rusty because it's been a year since i did cells and i tend to forget For the 1st question: cells are small because they need the large SA and volume so as to help with the cells absorption and excretion of certain substances. it needs to maintain a small structure so that absorption and excretion can take place and when a cell grows large in size, it divides to form smaller cells so as to maintain the size of the cell. If a cell was not small then it would take time for body processes to take place and the body will not function efficiently. You can check
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