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  1. My school has only said 18 months, nothing about learning outcomes. but i have already booked a time with my cas coordinator tommarow first thing. but i am just too stressed.
  2. I have more than 100 hours for each cas activity.... are doing ib right now? cause if the rules are just for my school we can get around them but if its for all IB then im F**Ked
  3. the way i see it. WE need to do 18 months of cas for each type of activity. ex (service, creativity.....) Really? I was told 50, 50, 50. I even have the package with info on CAS right in front of me. I was told I needed to do a project, but nothing about 18 months. Because I definitely do not have 18 months of anything except creativity... are you still doing IB? or have you ended? it might be some crappy rule my school has. i sure hope so! what are your school rules?
  4. Hello everyone What are the minimum requirements to pass cas? How is cas calcualted? Help Please
  5. Its not 50 50 50 anyomore it needs to be done over a period of 18 months
  6. the way i see it. WE need to do 18 months of cas for each type of activity. ex (service, creativity.....)
  7. The thing is this, i am not a lazy student. i am in my last year now, and have done good Service, Action, and Creativity. BUT I am calcualted that I can only get 15 months, MAX For Creativity. but the rest i will have 18 months no problem. are you sure this will not be a problem? Does anyone else know anything?
  8. HELLO! I have done alot of CAS, I will have done 18 months of Service and action NO PROBLEMS! BUT i have will only have done 15 months of creativity! Am i going to fail? PLEASE HELP ME! FAST I AM BEGGING YOU! FAAAAAST!
  9. Dear Community, I am planing to write my EE on Economics. I love Finiancial economics, Most specificly Commodities, (OIL) I need some help, i dont really know what it can be about and what it cant. more over i am open to examples of EE's that you have done or doing ( I will not copy them i just need examples) Thank you! CLEVER ps. All economics, rules and examples are WELCOME! PLEASE REPLY!!!
  10. I need someone to explane exactly and not just copy the sylabus on here, how to write a perfect lab report. one that i can get better than a 5 in! I REALLY NEED THIS HELP! An uploaded example would help A LOT! as well!!!
  11. Thank you both, i love you, and this website! times i have been saved, 2 (and counting) <3<3<3<3<3<3
  12. I need to hand in an iop outline tommarow. however i dont understand what is supose to include! i need HELP FAST!!!!!
  13. Thank you VERY MUCH! I am still open to ideas!!! PEOPLE feel free to contribute! i will be Greatly welcomed!!!
  14. Dear Community. I need some help with IOP ideas, please! I am stuck! the books we have read are: Brave New world Into the wild and Metamorthesis. PLEASE RESPOND! with ideas oraccual proposals that i could use!
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