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  1. Hay dont be hating, its the only class i think ill get a 7 in haha
  2. I have 10 weeks left of IB, dont u think ive lost my sanity already?
  3. Yeah thanks, same the teacher never told me untill a friend told me and i asked. But i also saw it in writing in a maths book somewhere! Anyways i think im just going to use chi-squared and get the maths over and done with- its long overdue and with exams in 7 weeks i should probably start studying .. (i know scary i havent started yet)
  4. Great help thanks, but does it work with those values less than 5.. Ive done the calculations and its exatly what i expected and what i knew the results would be but i was told chi shouldnt be used with values less than 5 because it becomes unreliable or inaccurate???
  5. OK thanks. So anyone who wants to help, i cant do chi because i have got too many values below 5. I also cant do t-test because ive got more than 2 results to compare! Anyone know the answer?
  6. Yeah thanks i was told that but i dont have enough columns and rows.. So if i did scatter plot, pearsons and then t-test, would that allow for a good IA?
  7. OK so for my IA i've done Pearson's but cant do Chi-squared because i got a quite a few results less than 5. What test could i do just trying to find the relationship between two things. Thanks
  8. I tried doing the early morning thing. Wasnt very successful because my brother arrived back from the clubs with friends and made a noise! But late nights all the way, latest has been like 4.30 (so far)
  9. well i asked this to try make myself feel much better. But turns out i feel worse!! I have 3 Biology IA's, maths portfolio which i havent started, and all my ITGS portfolios THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG NIGHT
  10. I just wanted to know if anyone has started studying for the exams this May 2011. I seem to be spending all my time on IA's and series!
  11. Not because you have another year, ull be raped by IB too
  12. Not because your so bored you dont realise you only have like 2 different people replying!
  13. look at this sites name! Does that not give you a hit as to the difficulty of IB. I would love to be able to take another syllabus but im stuck.. Only 4 months left
  14. is there a a discussion aboout the case study yet?
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