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  1. In English we've read Death of a Salesman and Catcher in the Rye. We also did a poetry unit and we're currently reading The God of Small Things.
  2. i'm hopeful for the protesters. If they want a new government and a better state of living they have a right to fight for it. Mubarak is totally BSing by saying he wants to leave but he's staying for the safety of the people, they know what they want and most of the trouble seems to be purely from the fact that he's still in office. The United States' involvement is kind of tricky. On one hand, it should be obvious that we're going to support the protesters in trying to build a democracy since that's what we're built on, but many other middle eastern leaders are looking at Obama to see how loy
  3. i would totally do ib all over again. it's stressful but i love being challenged. i would deffinetly be more organized and would probably try to convince the administration to make chemistry a HL again. Bio is killing me... Rereading notes or flashcards?
  4. cooking....hmmm. spending time with parents or teachers?
  5. teeter...todder sounds way to much like todler... chemistry or physics?
  6. sleeping is always awsome . i also like to go running or swim to blow steam and work off all the extra coffee and poptarts.
  7. using flash cards has deffinetly saved me so far...i usually stay up the night before a unit test and reread and highlight my notes and do flashcards . Also just reading up on them a little bit and trying to understand them a little bit instead of treating it like an AP task. address book deffinetly sounds like a good idea.
  8. that's one of my biggest problems too. i'm reading God of Small Things in english1 and my history teacher wants me to read The Kite Runner when i'm done with Three Cups Of Tea.
  9. it's more of a hobby. i plan on going into nuclear physics and engineering
  10. i would love to travel everywhere pretty much but i would like to see at least some part of the middle east in person. i'm really intrested in the region and its religions and people. i would love to be able to go over there or somewhere in the same state of being and be able to make some sort of difference, even if it isn't on Mortenson's scale...
  11. For my IB HOTA class were doing an in clase essay exercise instead of taking a final and i could use a little help braimstorming, , the second question: The Constitution has been called a "living document". Explain in relation to the amendment process.I generally am going to be writing about how we can make an amendment to continue to adapt the government to newer needs and opinions, or get rid of amendents that are no longer needed or wanted. I figured i might use the second amendment as a discussion point and use the Arizona shooting as a reason why america is thinking about tightening gun
  12. we don't really use a text book, are teacher likes to make his own reading packets but we had to read Born Of Blood And Fire. it's actually fairly interesting for being a factual, academic text.
  13. So, what does everyone think of the book? Has anyone ever read the book Three Cups Of Tea.? My history teacher, aka the snow god, recommended it last week and i'm already half way through. i absolutely love this book and it's fueled my need to travel everywhere and see everything (as if i wasn't already crazy with wanting to leave here). i absolutely love the vocabulary in this book there is one word in the first couple chapters that i've only ever seen used as an adjective or adverb, but this book uses it as a past tense verb and i think it looks so cool
  14. banned for not having a very original banning idea XP
  15. not to crazy but a bunch of us staid a friday night at school so the teacher could help us study for the midterm psych exam.
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