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  1. Um, I'm surprised, hahaha. Didn't anybody choose the poem? I thought it was absolutely beautiful. My only problem was that it was so FULL with literary aspects that I couldn't have possibly written them all down in the two hours. It had too many metaphors, similies, and the rhyme scheme was just fantaaastic. Maybe this is just the literature nerd in me speaking, LOL. Since the poem was ambiguous, I explained the poems in terms of the silkworms and then in terms of humans and fighting for freedom. I focused on the metpahors and what they signify in terms of freedom and the lack of it, etc. etc.
  2. Well, I'm finally at a crossroads. I was accepted unconditionally to both NYU and Northwestern, but I have absolutely no idea which to pick. So...I thought, what better way to help me reach that decision than asking fellow IB-ers? I intend to study Communication in Northwestern and Film in NYU. Northwestern only offer a BS, while NYU offer both a BA and BS in FIlm. I heard from several people that a BS is better than a BA because it gives you the opition of either MS or MA in the future, rather than a BA which only limits you to MA. I just want to make sure, is this true? What are your opinion
  3. Really? If that's it, then that's a relief! But I still have a question hehe. In the website we use, when you upload your reflection (picture, document, etc.) you have to choose what outcome it's evidence for. So, what, I just upload a picture of me with my group in my excursion trip and say it's "worked collaboratively with others"? Or is there something I'm missing?
  4. A friend of mine and I were discussing CAS...specifically how terrible our coordinator is. She doesn't explain anything, let alone help us in the first place. All we know is that we need to have 150 hours, and that's it. Naturally, we got into panic mode. Here's my case: I completed my action and creativity hours, but still have a few left for service. I'm hearing stuff like you need one activity with all three elements, and one activity that's for 18 months...I've never heard this before. Can someone please clarify what are the requirements? For example, in order to pass CAS, you need...1 act
  5. I can reassure you that, out of all the IAs I've done, Psych IA is the worst...hahahaha. Anyway, I'm doing my experiment on the levels of processing. I have three groups, and I'm comparing how many words each group recalled. I'm almost done, but I'm stuck with the inferential tests. My book states that I have to choose one out of Chi-squared, Mann Whitney-U, and Wilcoxon (I think). None of those 3 seem to suit my data because they all require two groups. So, I'm confused. I think my data is ordinal. I'm not really sure about that, either. Help would be much appreciated
  6. Ahhh! Lifesaver! Thank you so very much. May I ask how you found it? Just in case something similar happens in the future...
  7. We just started on the Psych IA last week and I already feel like it's going to be a major disaster I already changed my topic thrice because I couldn't find any resources whatsoever on my previous topics. We don't have public libraries where I live, and the Psychology books at my school library provide little to no information on my topic. I'm now doing the levels of processing, specifically Craik and Lockhart's 1972 study, and I'm really liking it. But, I'm in desperate need for the actual study. I can't seem to find it. I found replications, criticisms...anything related to the study, you
  8. SOPHIE'S WORLD ROCK! Though I have only finished half of it and out of DAMN curiosity and plane madness (at the time I was on a long haul flight to move from Azerbaijan to Jakarta) I skipped to the end of the book. Do you think it's good if I re-read it? I mean, I'm afraid I'll get bored But the knowledge you gain from it... is just... even at the middle of the book! Amazing, inexplicable. What an inventive and unexpected stimulus for a TOK brain. Yes, definitely! Like you said, best TOK material ever. Go ahead, reread it. Tell me how it goes
  9. At first, I was absolutely excited to do an EE on abusive relationships (that is, marital relationships), especially since there are plenty in my country. My question was going to be To what extent do self-harm mechanisms help women cope with abusive relationships? Then, when I started to seriously outline my research and carefully reading sample essays...I discovered that there really isn't that much to write about. I told my EE coordinator, and she said that I have until Wednesday to change my topic if I wish to do so. I've yet to meet with my supervisor, because I don't want to schedule a m
  10. I took this book in ninth grade, and I barely remember all the details, so correct me if I get any facts wrong. About extract two, I don't really think it really relates to Marxist principles as well as other extracts you can get from the novel. Can you please just clarify your ideas with this one? And you have to write all three essays and present them as your IOP? That's a lot of work, good luck! You have an advantage, though; Animal Farm is a short, easy read with so much to comment on. Now... Extract one is great! But the thing is, in the novel, intelligence does not equal to power. While
  11. I don't know how it is in your school, but in my school, we have both a CAS file and a CAS log. The CAS file is basically all the technical stuff. For each CAS project, you have to have: a. A proposal form b. A reflection form c. Evaluation form from whoever was supervising the project d. Evidence of the project, whether it be a certificate of attendance or a photograph. The CAS log is a bit more fun, and it includes your own opinion and perspective on the project. You can add all sorts of pictures and fun, colorful, and fancy stuff on it. The most important part is that it shows in-depth refl
  12. I think it's the mark scheme. I sometimes do go a bit off with the terminology, but not with all the questions. It's just my luck that my teacher is on maternity leave for about a month now, lol. Unfortunately, we don't have another IB Biology teacher. I'll see who we'll get as a substitute, and try to get a copy of the past paper mark scheme from them. I scheduled a meeting with the academic counselor, and we're working after school on my Biology study techniques. I'll see how far that goes I have just one question, though. What's a good study guide you recommend? Thank you for all your help
  13. I've spent an entire two weeks studying for my Biology mock, for hours every day! I wrote notes from almost every resource I have, whether it be class worksheets or the two Biology books we have. I studied them to no end, I cannot begin to stress on that part! I even pulled a couple of all-nighters the week before the exam just studying and memorizing the terms. I even practiced drawing the structures over a dozen times on my sketchbook. I seriously, seriously studied the hardest I ever could. I went to the exam absolutely confident I'd at least, at least get a 5. And what do I get? A freaking
  14. Hungry people are angry people, and that's Egypt's case. People, in the middle of protests, are robbing electronics stores and banks. Although Mubarak should go, I fear who comes next, because he'll either make the people or break them. Only a man with patience of steel would be able to handle the people of Egypt. They've been robbed of their lands, houses, and money, all stolen by Mubarak. They make less than what they would averagely spend; a significant amount of the people can't even afford bread. I just hope whoever comes next really does make a change, and not let the entire cycle repeat
  15. Banned because you have a cute little birdie as your avatar!
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