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  1. banned for using 1337 speak. AURON
  2. Would you say a good template for a TOK essay is this? -State issue and definitions. Introduce two (or more) POV. -Introduce POV #1. State its pros and cons. -Rebut POV #1. State the rebuttal's pros and cons. -Introduce POV #2. State its pros and cons. -Rebut POV #2. State the rebuttal's pros and cons. -Conclude (but note, it doesn't have to be definite!) That's what I normally stick to. AURON
  3. Yeh, for us, we have to do a reflection thing after we complete a activity, and get the supervisor to sign it. For me, I just chuck down stuff deep and meaningful, no matter how true it is =P. "I felt that I bonded really well when I played soccer with my team, and I found that we each had our strengths and weaknesses. I realise however that by using our different strengths and weaknesses, we can make an incredible team." Just really corny stuff. The teacher is just like, "Wow. This is sooo good. <sign>".....and I'm home free! AURON
  4. Yup Chem. I think chem is a huge prerequisite for uni, either that or it is needed for quite a bit of prerequisites. I'm not too sure whether you would take up a subject so that you could do your EE on a topic you enjoy...........but that's another option: take Bio if you desperately want to do your EE in Bio. AURON
  5. I agree. Or, I try to plan, but never stick to it ! My social life revolves around.......I guess my youth group. Every Friday night, I go to my youth group and we rock it out there. I procrastinate on Saturdays, so I could go out with friends then, but then again, they are all studying as well =(. AURON
  6. Does opening ceremony count? ! AURON
  7. Yup 50-50-50. Though, at the rate I'm going, it's plenty easy to go 360. My hobbies INCLUDE about 5+ hours of C AND S a week, I'm just lacking Action . But it sounds super cool at Kinfiel's school - if you go over, then you can transfer into others. That's sweet. I wish I can do that =P. My friends though, they are in the 'best school tennis team' and like train twice a week and have matches every Saturday. With that, they racked up 50 hours of A in a term. 360 - cinch. AURON
  8. Yeh, I'm doing Chem, Maths and Economics HL. There's no way I want to do a Chem or Maths EE, so I guess I'm stuck with Economics. . I think I may go for a SL subject as well.... AURON
  9. LOL! I just wrote a 1000 word essay on this very topic about a month ago! Word for word! I guess that's the cool thing about IB - it's international, so someone from the other side of the world can have done the same thing as you.... My summarised points: Our senses are how we view the outside world. Without them, we would be hopeless. I then gave a few examples of animals trusting senses with their lives - senses are used to understand the outside world, the world that is foreign from our bodies. However, our senses can be deceived, like a magic trick. Also, there are some spectra's of l
  10. Yes, the IBO states that it CAN be under any subject that is offered by the IB, however, statistics show that if you aren't doing the subject as one of your six, then you would probably get lower marks. I think it is because of this that our school ONLY allows you to pick from the subjects that you do. Which sucks, cause none of my subjects seem worthy enough to do an EE yet =P. AURON
  11. LOL! The things that have interested me range from everything under the sun...............not related to school topics. The closest I can get to a school topic is the probability of winning in a game of poker which would be a Maths EE - but who's ever heard of a Maths EE? *shudder* Political science. Would that come under history? I think the hardest bit is to come up with a topic that is fairly concise but allows you to expand a lot. What are your thoughts? AURON
  12. I hope your joking. I'm doing both - IB and hoping to go to US. But if you say they'll never see my IB scores?! AHHH!! What have I been doing all this time?! AURON
  13. Errr....I don't live in America so I don't know the difference.....but I reckon nickel? More or less? AURON
  14. That's true. You basically can bludge every lesson until you get the topic for the TOK essay then concentrate fully on it and pass with flying colours. Classes however, are aimed to help you build your confidence and practice writing TOK essays so you can be ready for the big one. Also, they can assist you and challenge you in thinking the topics you may need for the TOK essay, so you can be ready when the big one comes. It's an easy subject when you think about it that way =P. AURON
  15. LOL! Is there certain criteria that the IA question must be phrased like? How bout, "What is the probability of winning in poker?" AURON
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