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  1. I'm just wondering whether you actually get a normal semester report card besides your actual IB score? Like where it says how many days you were absent, with comments from the teachers and your semester grade... etc. And if so, are the universities actually interested in that? THanks!
  2. ok... so could mmy knowledge issue be something along the lines; what role do emotion and reason play in justifying laws imposed on religious groups? thanks again
  3. hey everyone, i'm thinking about doing my presentation on the burka ban in france (and some other european country). Since my teacher is somewhat incapable of teaching a good tok course, i wanted to ask you guys if you think it's a good topic? Thanks
  4. My teacher gave us the opportunity to do another portfolio if one of ours turns out really bad. but we don't even get a full week to do it so I was wondering if i could work a bit ahead. my question is whether if I have my exams in 2012, is it only possible to do the 2011/2012 portfolios (G-froce, China population trends, stellar numbers and that other one) or also the ones that were issued this year? Thanks a lot!!!!
  5. ok i know you will be annoyed but i hope this question is not too direct If i have done two systems of equations, i selected points which were rather far apart is that ok? for axb if i found b then if i substitute it into either of the two equations i should get the same value for a, but its not. any ideas why that might be the case? thanks!!!
  6. ok thanks!!! i'm sorry, i didn't mean to ask for too much
  7. talk about the characteristics of a power function i know but which characterisitcs? i googled all over the internet and couldn't find anything im so sorry but i have one more question; should i refer to time and gx as t and gx or as x and y when i talk about substituting them into the equation for example? thank you soooo much! Thanks
  8. hey sorry one more question; if i model a power function : y=axb and then i substitute values of x and y to make a system of equation, i get somewhat reasonable answers if i stubstitue time values for x but if i stubstitute +Gx values for x then it seems completely wrong. Therefore time should go on the x axis? because actually it made more sense to me the other way around but it seems to work better if time is on the x axis please help!!!!
  9. How do you justify that it is a power function?
  10. it does work! look at this picture below: it's a logistic regression generated using technology Reciprocal is a form of power function. Reciprocal function is a power function but power function is not a reciprocal function.. Power: y=axb Reciprocal: y=a/x which is y=ax-1 so in a reciprocal function, the b is -1 well it's a bit vague as the task does not clearly mention the type of function looking at the question I think you can model the same type of function. but I personally recommend modelling a different type of function, to demonstrate your broad knowledge in types of function so
  11. I'm not bright either, I'm somewhat yellow or maybe light brown. it depends on the type of function you're modelling. polynomial functions can be generated through matrices. otherwise I'm afraid the process would be more complicated. generally if you have 3 variables (other than your x and y), you'll need to use 3 data points to find the function. substitute in each set of values of x and y to the general equation/formula, and then solve them simultaneously. you can use elimination or substitution. if you have any other question please just ask ok I graphed the function but I do not know on
  12. Hey everyone! I'm kind of pondering on the question what historical knowledge actually is? and how historical knowledge is different from scientific or art knowledge? Any ideas
  13. hey this post has really helped me soo far so thanks for all the contributions. However I am still kind of having a hard time finding ideas on what science teaches me. any ideas? thanks!!!!!
  14. Thanks sooo much you gave me a couple of good ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!
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