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  1. Hey guys! I need serious help for my upcoming IOC. I'm doing poems from William Blake and Shakespeare's Tempest. Mind giving suggestions for the types of questions that might come out? Help is very much appreciated Thanks!!!
  2. Hmmm. ok I have the parabola curve definitely. I also know what the equation of the parabola is. apparently i am supposed to use: ax + ary = ar^2 and bx + bsy = bs^2 as the 2 equations to find the curve, but I don't know where to go after i derive those
  3. For Part A: I believe I have to draw a 3D graph from the 3x3 systems, however, I do not know what to expect from the graph. How will I know that it is correct? For Part B: Oohhh! I got it Thanks Desy! I have the graph now. I have to show that they are tangents to a parabola, but how do I do that? I do know that I am supposed to use the quadratic equation whereby y = ax^2 + bx + c. But how can I convert a linear equation to a quadratic equation? very confused here . Please Please help here! Thank you very much
  4. Hey! I got that too, but please remember that you are supposed to make x the subject anyways, I am also having the same problem as you over here. Have you drawn the tangents to th parabola tho?
  5. Okay thanks so far about it! But I still don't understand the parts of the constant controller. I tried to go through the tutorials in the autograph but it doesnt work Can you please tell me what each of them means? Thanks!
  6. Ok. I tried it but I got something like random lines with only 5 lines. well, i don't know but somehow i can't upload the graph. it doesn't have the 50 + lines omg where did I go wrong? my equations is x + ry = r2 or something like that, this is my first time using autograph Please help Thanks for your help.
  7. Oh my gosh Thank you so much . I think i got that part for the -5 thingy . I'm doing Part B now and yes I would like the guide thank you so much XD
  8. 3 planes to cut one line?? but i thought the general equation is ax + (a+d)y = (a+2d). So how should i get my 3rd equation? i'm so confused here >< I didn't even understand the part about drawing the many lines to get a parabola =.= Please help Please! Thanks a lot
  9. I certainly did, I used autograph. If I'm correct it gives u a limited free trial if u download it. OOOOO! Well, i used autograph and i did get a 3d figure, but does yours look something like this? Lol it looks weird Thnx
  10. Does this help? You should get somthing like this: Oh okay so that is for Part B equation. But for Part A, if we have the 3 x 3 system, then dont we have to draw a 3 figure? Thx btw
  11. Hello Please help! I'm also doing this IA and am stuck. I read through the last few threads and I didn't understand about the part whereby linear equations would be converted to quadratic and then we can draw a parabola from there. Why do we need to draw a parabola?? Please help ... my teacher refused to help Thanks
  12. hey. I'm stuck here how do we convert the linear equation to a quadratic equation so we can plot the parabola. what is the point of plotting a parabola? Sorry I'm so confused here
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