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  1. What the hell are you trying to say? Please be more concise with your thesis. It seems that in desperation you managed to string together a stream of rubbish in order to salvage your WL paper... Don't do it. Sit down, and read the two texts. I'm not too sure about what you mean by 'ticks' but the parasitic insect definitely is not a significant theme or motif or image in the Stranger. Try looking into things like function of cigarettes, role of women, nature of water, nature of light, natural vs artificial light. I pretty much just gave you top notch topics for comparison. Good day to you too.
  2. Which poems? The thing about Frost is that on a superficial level his poems are easier to analyze and understand on a literary level because he is more... Down to earth I find with his style. Frost is a master of evoking emotion and 'sounds' within his poems, hence his technique coined the 'sound of sense'; so look for that sort of thing. If you can list some of the poems you're doing it might make it easier for me to help you out For my commentary I did Frost, Shelley, Byron, Yeats and Wordsworth
  3. Can you tell me a little bit more about the role of sex and Winston's ulcer? those ones seem pretty interesting, some info I can start with would be much appreciated : )
  4. Hey guys, I'm correlating the effects of the tempo of music and blood pressure I have a sphygmomanometer and everything, I'm set to go. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with a lab like this, or anything remotely close to it that can offer me any tips, link etc? Thanks!
  5. Yes, I believe that according to IB you can use anything you'd like that may help in the deliverance of your message However, with that being said I'd ask your teacher what she's okay and not okay with for IOP presentations. Although it is technically OK to use a powerpoint, my teacher advises strongly against it and sometimes even docks marks because of the 'clumsiness' and 'time consuming nature' of setting up a powerpoint... So make sure first before you do anything!
  6. So I got my 1984 IOP presentation coming up soon, and I was wondering if any of you guys have experience with this text? I've read it and I get the general themes and ideas that Orwell is conveying through his stylistic devices but I can't help but wonder if there are any subtler, profound topics that I might be able to explore? Any suggestions are welcome!
  7. I wouldn't recommend going about your IOP like "discrimination leads to _____ in one text and _______ in the other" because theres no point. Theres no point in writing an essay on contrasting features. They are 2 different books, with 2 different authors, obviously there will be differences. However, the ideal way you can structure your IOP to ensure success is to contemplate what the 2 authors strive and do accomplish through the (theme,motif,image) of discrimination. See what I did here? I turned the use of discrimination into a direct literary device deliberately employed by the author, not
  8. Contrary to JoeGuff's point I would say always, always include a short, concise and well crafted contextual foundation on the author (his philosophies, significant biographical keystones that influence work..) and his works. Always. You have to remember that your World Lit marker may not be completely familiar with the texts you are dealing with, let alone the author. Giving contextual information also sets the stage for you to build your arguments upon, as they will come across as more congruent to the author's views etc... But remember, always be concise and eloquent! That is key. Otherwise
  9. Perhaps the fact that the Stranger provoked such a strong disinterest in you proves its literary weight. Camus makes Meursault's tone 'unbelievable' on purpose, it's to stir the moral foundations of the reader (which evidently in your case it has succeeded) and to create a contrast between him and the rest of the world. You like Hemingway's book because it used symbolism and you like Hamlet because it contains better imagination and is more interesting to read. OK thats fine. But before you get so darn eager about wanting to "listen to my opinions" of either one of these texts, I'd say read th
  10. Hey guys, I have my TOK presentation coming up in a bit and I needed some help. The knowledge issue I'm approaching with is : "To What Extent Can Emotion Influence Ethical Decisions?" I'm thinking about how one's personal ethical models can be shaped or even justified by the emotions that one feels. Eg. Sarah may think killing her neighbor's dog is wrong because it would make her neighbors sad. She may also feel guilty. Therefore to her it is unethical to kill the dog. But see here, I feel like theres a missing bridge in the gap in my thinking... Except I can't quite pinpoint it. It would be g
  11. I don't quite understand why you picked English HL instead of Math HL or Psych HL... If this were any other subject, I would tell you study hard and practice. However for English it is seldom so simple. My advice to you would read over past successful papers and try to analyze what made them so good... What approach did they take? What level of language do they use? Is it eloquent? Frank? Elevated? What is their structure like? Etc... If English is not your first language and you are struggling to write fluently it would not hurt to adopt a formulaic approach you can integrate into all your a
  12. Your thesis is almost there, but needs a bit of tweaking in its literary focus. You should focus on what literary devices the authors use to _____ the _____ And I gather you are focusing on the motif of adultery? Specifying that in your thesis would be advised.
  13. Alright.... Be careful because it seems like you're stepping onto a dangerous path (don't worry, many IB English students do) which is trying to force a 'profound' idea down the throats of 2 texts which may not support it entirely. Be careful in making sweeping generalizations such as "As scene during the trial, there is more focus on Mersault’s actions than the actual crime. Law symbolizes Society " that one. These arguments are weak. Although it may be true that the trial itself may be an allegory of Camus' absurdist points of literary perspective versus the world, does law really symbolize
  14. Yes, I'd say your mock exams are crucial. I say this because in my school (and other Canadian IB schools to my knowledge) base university transcript submissions on your predicted/anticipated marks. So it would be of your best interest to nail your mocks and get a high predicted so you will at minimum get a conditional acceptance to the school of your choice. I am not saying however that your mocks are more important than your actual IB exams because some universities may revoke your acceptance if you have a much lower IB score than your predicted. However, an IB senior I once knew was predicte
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