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  1. First I would go looking for the scores of the music you want to analyze. After that, get some recordings so you have a good primary source base to allow your supported argument to come through. Next would be basic music theory textbooks on the technical musical features that you like to analyze. After that would be secondary books on the music you are studying.
  2. I really think that you should not be afraid of that one quotation that summed up your EE. Maybe you could argue against it or try and explain why that quotation is valid using your other research. Your interpretation and analysis are key components for the EE. You could take multiple stand points on your research question and then evaluate which one is the most feasible. Just ideas.
  3. Work on the rationale that is behind your experiment. You include that in your introduction. You need to ask yourself why am I doing this experiment? Is there any scientific explanation behind what you are doing in order to prove to your marker that your experiment is worth investigating with 4000 words. You should do some research. Also, you are able to work on developing your variables, procedure and such so a few things to do before the experiment. (:
  4. I think it can be narrower. Since you are looking at individualism in the hunger games trilogy i suggest that you focus mainly on Catching Fire because that was when Katniss is on the rise to being a revolutionary icon and much more vulnerable than in Mockingjay. Are you sure you have enough to write about with just symbolism? Just keep that in mind. Overall I think this leans heavily on the subject of English. Don't worry Philosophy doesn't apply to your thesis question.
  5. I would refrain from doing Music EEs on how music affects your emotions because it is very hard to prove. A music EE requires you to take specific scores of certain pieces and analyze them in order to prove your thesis.
  6. With little guidance on Music EEs on ibsurvival and not taking music in my IB curriculum, I am happy to say I got an A . My extended essay investigated Beethoven's evolution of formal complexity in the first movement of his seventh symphony. If anyone has any questions or would like a copy of my essay I will be happy to provide that for you. Cheers!
  7. English A1 HL - 5 Mandarin B SL - 7 History Americas HL - 5 Chemistry HL - 7 Mathematics SL - 7 Physics SL - 7 Music EE - A TOK - B Additional Points - 3 Total Points - 41 Diploma Awarded ! TZ1 Absolutely Happy (:!
  8. sorry i meant root 3 in my actual answer !
  9. For the final area under the curve i got 2pi/3 + root(3). I checked it on the calculator when i got home and it matched with what I got on the paper 1.
  10. Hello ! I know usually people who do Music EEs don't actually take the IB course. Well here is my topic. "Beethoven's Evolution of Formal Complexity Away from the Classical Period: Symphony No. 7 in A Major Op. 92"
  11. What evidence shows Beethoven's musical characters progressing from Classical to Romantic through his first and seventh symphonies? I am looking at the form, harmony, melody, rhythm, texture and tone colour and comparing the two. Do you think this is too wide of a topic?
  12. 我也學著普通話:)。 下兩個星期,我要考普通話。 我怎樣能準備呢?:(
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