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  1. iBS2012

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hey, I got my invitation to the interview in Shanghai a couple days ago Does anyone know what the Essay Test is about? I have been trying to find information on it but have found close to nothing online. The Cambridge website doesn't really give away much either. All I know is that there will be 3 questions to chose from and that they give 30 minutes time for it.
  2. Hi guys, I'm currently doing a retake on my Math IA to get me an extra 2 percent on my grade which would get me a 7. Problem being that that means both my IA's have to be at least 18 after moderation, preferably above. At the moment I'm struggling with the type II criteria. I'm working on the IA "Running with Angie and Buddy". For Criteria C for a level 4 and 5 it requires that "The student considers how well the model fits the data." and "The student applies the model to other situations.". For how well the model fits I guess i can comment on its accuracy and limitations, but since there's no
  3. iBS2012

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Ok, great. Thanks for the reply. The Cambridge website itself says 776 but the website of King's college doesn't specify, so I guess I'll have to see what they say..
  4. 39 downloads

    A concise overview of the Functions sections in the Math HL syllabus. This document is made to aid in review and exam preparation. Feel free to contact me if you find any errors or have any suggestions.
  5. 33 downloads

    A concise overview of the Algebra sections in the Math HL syllabus. This document is made to aid in review and exam preparation. Feel free to contact me if you find any errors or have any suggestions.
  6. iBS2012

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hi, I know a similar question has been asked before, but still: Having gotten my IB results (40) and taking a gap year I'm currently thinking about where to apply. I want to study Aeronautical engineering, preferably in the UK. Cambridge offers a very nice course but since I only have 766 at HL with a 6 being in Math HL, I'm kind of worried about getting in. Is there still a chance of getting accepted? I have the exact same problem at my other preference - ICL.. Thanks in advance!
  7. Sorry to dig up this old (but very helpful) post. I just finished the registration for UCAS and am a bit confused on whether I should be selecting that I am applying as an individual or through my school.. As I'm taking a gap year I won't be at the school anymore, but I will still have letters of reference from that school.. Any help?
  8. I read somewhere that we'll get the grade breakdown later.. Does anyone know when/how?
  9. That's what I thought.. I'll contact my teacher to see how close I was.. I really wanna get 42 points and really was expecting that.. still hoping..
  10. The part I was most confident on just landed me a D.. Physics EE :/
  11. Rather disappointed.. ): English A1 SL 6 As expected Spanish Ab SL 7 As expected Bus. & Man. HL 6 To be remarked, expected 7 PHYSICS EE in ENGLISH D To be remarked, predicted was A PHYSICS HL in ENGLISH 7 As expected MATHEMATICS HL in ENGLISH 6 Was expecting 7 but I don't think remarking will make a difference here.. VISUAL ARTS OPTION A SL in ENGLISH 7 Positively surprised.. Predicted was a high 6 THEORY KNOWL. TK in ENGLISH B As Expected Does anyone have any experience with getting things remarked? Does it make any sense at all for Math? I have contacted my teachers for the other two and
  12. I have just started my gap year and from reading the above posts I must say I'm quite the opposite to most students. For me it was my parents who made me take a gap year. For the first 'semester' I'll actually be enrolled in a university in Beijing, but will simply be attending general language classes for Mandarin which is the main reason for my parents making me take a gap year. The second half of the year I'll be spending doing an internship in Beijing. At the same time I'm still in touch with some of my old teachers and will help manage some of the major projects that I started over the pa
  13. 13. After you do the calculation you will get 13.5 but since you don't want half a radio station the actual answer is 13. At least that's what me and a few of my friends got.
  14. Since we don't have a thread on Paper 3 yet I thought I'd start one. I did Communications and Astrophysics and was rather surprised by how easy they were. My entire class focused only on paper 1 and 2 so all we had was one night of cramming for the paper but no one thought it was hard or anything. Just one question: In communications there was one question which i didn't quite get: a multiplexer has a sampling frequency of 13kHz (or something like that). Each sample takes 50ns. How many samples can be transmitted per second? Feel free to discuss any of the other options as well. Regards
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