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  1. It honestly depends on the school. If it's a local community college then IB will probably have been harder. If it's Harvard or Oxford then Ib was nothing.
  2. granted. But now IB will make you take an extra test in your lest favorite class. I wish that I could get into the college of my dreams.
  3. I have no clue. Can you please give me a link? Thanks ^___^
  4. Hi, the above topic question is all that i'm asking. So if you know please tell me! I've been attempting to hunt it down for over a month, and I sill can not find it. If you can then i'll love you! Thanks ^__^
  5. We're nice to non IB-ers, but we stick with our own. It's because we share classes, scream togther about homework, and cheer over finished work together. We're a family. lolz ^__^
  6. lolz I'll be doing it in the summer when school is over. If I did it during the "IB season" I would die.
  7. People with perfect stats can get rejected. So it's a good shot, but not a for sure. With IVY's you never know. UPenn is not one of the harer ones, but an IVY is still hard to get into. There are people applying who have had 98's as their lowest grade. lolz So apply, but be on the fence.
  8. Slovakov, you got the reference!!!! ^___^ That is a really good movie. lolz Okay i'll add on a bit more, with my perspectives as my IB1 yea is at a close. Good: The small classes. The IB students in ym school have become a fmaily. Another good is that we can break half the rules and not get in as much trouble Bad: Some teachers are still not that good at teaching. If I could self-study a class then I would. I do not have as many options as other schools since this is the first real year we have done IB. Tip: Always be a week ahead, if you can. Not only in school work, but also is real life.
  9. Honestly, I think they could care less. I live in the U.S. and I went to a college fair and was all like "I'm in IB! Tell me how that makes me speacil!!" (well, not in those exact words lolz) and the majority of them were like "oh, we give IB kids the same credit, points, GPA push as a honors student". So since most schools don't even see it as the great thing that it is, they won't care. That is just my opinion. :/
  10. How did you guys get such great scores? My 1580 feels like a fail next to all your 1900+ scores. CR was my best (620, Math was my worst (430. Share the secret. What books do you use? How many hours do you study per day? Per week? What type of tests do you do? Tell me!! lolz
  11. Thanks for all the responses! They were all very helpful. I think I will take a college class for it during the summer, and see how it helps me.
  12. ^ lolz i'm not white. I'm african american. But I get your point. But I love everything about Japan anyway.
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