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  1. Banned because I want chicken wings.
  2. University is too time consuming. NP's been to Iceland.
  3. Banned because you should do that then.
  4. I built a submarine for my extended essay. NP likes the rain.
  5. Who doesn't? NP lives with his / her parents.
  6. All I know is nihao. (If that's correct) NP likes to travel.
  7. Nah, too many hills and mountains. NP likes to swim.
  8. Yes. NP has been a member for more than a year.
  9. I don't like facebook. NP has a twitter account.
  10. Banned because I'm confused. And how can music get you in any trouble?
  11. Banned because Russia's song was good too.
  12. Banned because it's not hard to come up with a better song than most of the other countries.
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