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  1. Although I wasn't in DP at the time, we read 1984, and I actually based my EE on dystopia because of it
  2. whereyouleftmyhearttobleed.tumblr.com ALSO, if you're interested in thinspiration: hero-to-zero.tumblr.com
  3. I have lost weight (although I'm in DP2 now), but it was mostly because I was trying to, not because of stress or anything.
  4. This is quite interesting. I was unaware of what it was until now... And I've been in IB for seven years now! :/
  5. I know it's not a spelling error, but my English A1 HL teacher always says "peticularly," not "particularly."
  6. To be totally honest, I want to go to the University of British Columbia. Although I have lived in Vancouver all my life, I don't want to leave. Not only that, but it's overall one of the best universities in Canada
  7. Granted, but you need 40 points to get into your dream school. I wish I knew what happened in the book I'm reading for my EE.
  8. What subject were you aiming to point this towards?
  9. So I am doing my EE on Blindness by Jose Saramago, and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I was thinking about comparing and contrasting some of the symbols and motifs that are in the books. I was just wondering what you think of my symbols and motifs, and what (else) they could mean. So far, I have: -Reincarnation -Vampirism: Reincarnation -The colour blue: Freedom, coldness (of the vampires) -Palindromes -Alice in Wonderland references -1984 references -Flowers: Peace, love, beauty, rebirth! -Sun(light): Freedom -Unity ...for Cloud Atlas. I have not yet read Blindness.
  10. Ahaha. I take it you mean the video game, not the card game?
  11. True... To an extent. And what is your favourite game?
  12. guys want to have sex with girls just because we are girls, not because they love us. I see. And girls want to jump guys because they are utterly in love with them: http://www.chitramala.com/news/boy-raped-by-group-of-girls-124338.html Although I am a girl, I totally agree with your point. I think that media not only has sex hyped-up, but they seem to make everybody think that guys are always the bad people, and they they only ever have girlfriends to get action. Although, yes, there are quite a few people out there who are like that, there are many who just want a relationship, and sex is j
  13. Naw, naw, naw. Tetris is a classic video game. How can you go wrong?
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