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  1. Hey! I am in a similar situation, i was given an E, which is very unlikely to happen to anybody. I asked a remark but did not yet receive an answer. LEt's hope for the best!
  2. Can't wait to get panick attacks! The mocks gave me a trailer of how bad it'll be. Keep calm and study on right?
  3. Hello, i know that for group 4 the final deadline for the IB is April 10 however what is the final deadline for the Math Studies IA? Thank youuu
  4. I do not usually care about Uganda But when i do is 26 years later! nothing will change by watchign a video, plus Kony has been in the most wanted list of the FBI for years, what will a video do i am all for spreading awarness but it's a little irritating all the hypocresy
  5. Hello all, so EE time! and quite challenging time my topic is To what extent do modern ethical guidelines in psychological research restrain new discoveries in social psychology? Now what i have been doing is to analyse past significant studies under modern ethical guidelines and evaluate how significant they are for then comparing them to modern studies which follow modern guidelines and see if they are less/more or not significant at all i was just wondering if you think it's a good idea Thank you very much!
  6. I do both history and Psychology, and in my opinion to do your ee in history is much easier (our teacher told us) however i have done mine in psych and in my opinion in psychology or the topic is really cliche or you end up picking up a very challenging topic :/ Good Luck!
  7. Ok so, quick question! We all know referencing can make you gain couple of points or loose em, so i was wondering: if i make footnotes di i need to in text reference? and this leads me to another concern, i have read 3-4 sample EEs and NONE of em had footnotes, is it a no no????? Thank you!
  8. Hello all, i am writing the written task and had a thought in mind, we have studied the meda and culture option and i thought of writing about the music industry and how it has changed relatingof the changing pop culture and so on. do you think it is appropriate to the option studied? thank you
  9. Hello, I am beginning to write the cultural option related written task, however i am stuck. Because in my first written task (literary option) i used Mass communication (speech) for the second written task i must choose eather Poetic Communication or Professional Communication. Therefore thinking that poetic communication would be easier i thought of writing a Diary Entry of a teenage girl that talks about the effect that media has on her self esteem(body, identity etc.) Now do you think it is a good idea? and which odience should i choose? i was thinking of writing the journal entry for adul
  10. I strongly suggest you not to Italian is my first language and i was pushed harshly by my school to take italian A1 self thought (even though i was totally capable of doing english A1). I understand that you might think that doing italian B will be easier however it is not. Speaking german you should be familiar with the challange a grammaticly rich language puts you in. Self thought is HARD, seems easy but it will take much of your time and will put you in a situation where you invest your time in one subject instead of the others. Also there is no real advantage of taking italian B self tho
  11. Banned for complaining about your tok predicted grade, stop whining ;p
  12. Hello everybody, I have been stuck on the inferential statistics for a while now and i don't know which once are more appropriate. I have two sets of numbers (the response time to stimuli) one of the control group and the second of the experimental group. I thought of the t test, which states the statistical significance of the difference of the two sets but i am not sure and maths it's defently not my strength. Thank you very much.
  13. no, my mom is from belarus:) the correct one is 2, i do not speak any mandarin or cantonese =D mmmmh!! i really don't know! but i am going with the obvious one! number 2 1. I sleep with a tiny dog that looks like a rat 2. I just finished reading the Color Purple 3. In my room i have a lamp shaped like a pig
  14. mmmh... well i guess from your subjects that you should at least find math appealing, also from these i may deduct you are a pretty mathematical person, so i am really unsure i'll saaaaaaaaaaaaay n*3 - 1. I am half Belorussian - 2. I speak Cantonese - 3. I am going skiing in Italy next week
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