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  1. Yeah. I graphed 26 and it looks fine. I got it good and kicking. But in anycase, a few more will do no damage
  2. Sure I'll always try to help with anything whenever I could Do this...? Do what? You mean finding the general solution? Well what did you do to solve the system examples? Do exactly the same thing -- with letters. I personally suggest solving it with matrices btw. Yes. That pattern you have there ax+(a+d)y=a+2d; bx+(b+e)y=b+2e, is the one you can observe directly from the given equations. Then, you have make other systems with that same pattern AND see if there's anything worth looking at out of all the solutions. Do you know what i mean? PS: I did that part witout matrices... but by what e
  3. I'll give you a subtle suggestion... for the 2x2 part, represent ALL the systems in the same graph. As for the 3x3, you can do the same. But it is essential to do it for the 2x2, it helps a great deal to find out the importance of the solution.
  4. I got one on my head, it has to do with electrostatic If you blow the ballon to a pretty big size and then rub it with wool or something of the sort (you hair could also work) you will charge it up. Then, inmediatly you have to pour water on the ballon, and you will see how it won't touch it. It has to do with the fact that the ballon is charged with electrostatic electricity, and the water molecules are polar, so the are repelled. If you like my idea, I can give you a few more tips. It's actually an intresting lab to do, and it has a bunch of things to comment.
  5. I don't really understand that. I mean, independantly of the flowing... the length of the cable won't change! right?
  6. Yes, it does affect. If you think it over, the momentum, p, is m·v. So, acording to this fact, the bigger the velocity, the bigger the momentum, so when ball A hit's ball B and transfers the momentum, if it's bigger, it will transfer a bigger momentum. As for the fair test, as you said, there are multiple ways. I usually make 5 or more repeats for each data collect, so the after the graph will look much better. Well, it always depends on what you're measuring but, in that lab specifically, I would do 5. I don't understand why you would want a carboard tube though.
  7. I've been using Geogebra for my linear ecuations portfolio. It's quite simple, but it does a nice job. It's freeware too Have any of you used Derive 6? they've told me about it, but apart from being a soft which you have to pay for, it's hard to use, although it's extremely good. Another good one is Wolfram's Mathematica. It's also cool for any other thing you have to do.
  8. It doesn't just apply for the example. Give it a wider look. Director Vectors In any case, you should try to first create a system that is initially perpendicular, and later apply the a1/a2 = -b2/b1 pattern. I've been able to construct 5 systems that follow all those patterns, and i could do quite a bunch more, so don't worry, just think it. Some of my classmates have achieved the portfolio without using vectors (not my case), just by applying the rest of the patterns.
  9. Finding the patterns isn't actually that hard. I've found four myself! Some of them have been said above, like the ax+ (a+u)y =(a+2u). You can also try looking at the director vectors of the equuations. There is a unique feature in that system. Try looking at the scalar product of the director vectors. There you can find another pattern. Apart from those two, you can also give a look at the fact that slope of one of the equations is the negative inverse of the other one, i mean, m1 = - 1/m2, and that if a1x + a2y = c and b1x + b2y = d a1/a2 = -b2/b1 Keeping all that in mind, it's not too hard
  10. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but mine is something like this: 07.55, Get up for school 08.30, School 15.20, Finish school 15.45, back home and have lunch 16.00-17.00, procrastinate... 17.00-21.00 study and procrastinate (much more of the second) [10 minute interval] Have dinner Till 02.00-03.00 study... The thing is that I don't know htf I do it, but I just never get time to study. I think I loose to much time on my computer or even on listening music whilst I study... I don't know, but time goes to fast, and when 03.00 am has come again... I haven't done nearly anything!!!
  11. Ohhh, I think I know what you mean. We studied history from old newspaper articles and research papers from other investigators, if that's what you mean...
  12. What's "Supplemental Course Readings"? I've never heard of it, at least in english
  13. I used to be totally in agreement with you about teenage love. But I dunno, I think it's possible. It's not an illusion, I think that's just your excuse because you (and no one) is capable of defining it. When you're in love or at least strongly passionate for someone, there's a distinctly different feeling that you get. It's definitely not an illusion. Be more optimistic and positive =) I agree. When you say teenage love is just a mere illusion you're just hidding yourself behind words, without facing reality. It is true that nowadays there are a lot of teenagers that start saying "I lo
  14. To talk about the singularity of the economical crisis in Spain might be an interesting topic. You could talk about the particularity of the "building" problem (as we call it around here) and how it aggravated the situation. I don't know what you're looking for, but I can tip you a bit, as I'm spanish
  15. Hi everyone, I'm looking for an IB exam paper. In the paper there is a text called "Lying", but I don't know in which year that test took place. If anyone has tackled that test and remembers in which year he did it, it would be of great help. I kinda need that test, and as long as I get the year it'll be fine. Btw, check this link, it has loads of papers. ----- Thanks
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