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  1. It could fall under Psychology.
  2. Thank you for your reply! What kind of work experience do they look for? I only did surgeon shadowing in India for 2 weeks in the summer. I can't volunteer regularly at local hospital because there aren't any positions. Do you think that's enough? Should I volunteer abroad for medicine again this summer? Thanks again!!
  3. Hello, I am wondering if I stand a chance for medical school in UK. My grades are as follow Psychology SL 6 Biology HL 7 French SL 6 Math SL 6 English HL 6 TOK/ EE 2 Chemistry HL 7 I have extracurriculars such as volunteer and surgeon shadowing and many leadership positions. I don't know about BMAT and UKCAT tests. Can anyone please comment on their difficulties in comparison to the SAT I? Thank you very much!
  4. Hey, so this summer I was planning to either participate in a research camp in Ottawa, Canada.. which count for high school credits.......... or enroll in a first year university course that counts for uni credit (prolly take bio, chem, math, or eng)... which one would be better on the resume when i apply to US university? Also, is volunteering abroad a good idea? Please share your ideas! Thank you very much i can also take university course in september to december. but i think that wouldn't help much towards uni application because early US application ends in november.
  5. aww ok... but is there an exception if chinese is my mother language?
  6. my teacher said that if i write my EE in french, then i get a IB bilingual degree. I was wondering if I could write my essay in an IB language that's not offered in my school to get a bilingual diploma. Thanks for telling me
  7. I have looked at the websites but I couldn't really find a lot of information about whether or not it's a good idea for Canadians to attend an American university. And to Summer, thanks! But one more question: Do American universities accept a reasonable amount of international students for graduate level? because the international med school acceptance percentage is extremely low.
  8. Hi, I have a few questions regarding about university. 1) i'm a canadian citizen, is it worth it to pay $50k+ a year to go to like UC? (berkeley, UCLA, etc) 2) how many IB points do i need to get accepted to UBC or U of T? 3) If you've been accepted to UBC, U of T or McGill, pleeeeeease share your IB points! what is the predicted mark based on anyway? thaaaaaaank you so much! i'm new to IB so there are a lot i'm unclear about
  9. Hi, I am 15 years old going to IB next year. I'm planning to volunteer in Africa or India or something in the summer to gain valuable experiences. Do you guys know any good organizations to go with?(that allow teenagers to volunteer) please tell me. I wanna volunteer for medicine or children care. Thank you
  10. yes, i am interested in UK also!! please provide me more details about the UK med university system. Also, do i have to take any standardize test to go to UK universities? like SAT for america. If you know, please tell me the predicted IB points required for top 10 UK med universities. Also, scholarship and tuition for international students. thank you very much
  11. First of all, I am Canadian... I go to IB in Vancouver. I plan to take biology or biochem major in undergraduate and pursue a medical career. (plan to take med school) Should I apply to UBC or UoT or McGill or a california univesrity like UC berkeley or UCLA? I want to go to a univesrity that offer good life science courses. I am also considering universities in UK but i don't know which one specifically. Any suggestions/ advices would be greatly appreciated
  12. yes! I was thinking about dropping english HL too! but wouldn't my transcript look better if i took 4 hl courses?
  13. Thank you greatly appreciated! For the SATs, can i take SAT2 before i take SAT1? Also, can i take SAT2 mandarin if my native language is chinese? :\ because i'm planning to take 3 subject tests
  14. hi IB people, i'm starting ib1 in september and i'm still deciding what courses i should take. so far, i chose english HL, french SL, psychology SL, chem HL, bio HL, math HL, EE, TOK. i'm a science and math person so i'm pretty sure that i'll do well in chem, bio, and math(around 6 to 7). however, not so sure about eng/french/psy(maybe 5-6) i want to study medicine after high school in canada or in the states. i'm thinking about going to UoT, mcgill, UBC or good medical universities in california after high school. so, i have few questions that i had always wanted to ask 1) consider my situat
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