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  1. Today in English class my teacher read to us a paper 1 that had achieved a 25/25. Does anyone have a link or file of any more example paper 1 or paper 2 writes? I'd really like to see what they look like, and the example of a structure for the papers, since my teacher read the example one really fast and I wasn't able to think about it very much before she put it away.
  2. So my teachers always say to not just "say you're gonna study and not plan anything", and tell us to take out our calendar and allot times for studying different things. But today I tried doing that and I just ended up being way too detailed and didn't know how to plan. So right now I'm just making goals for myself, like I should finish doing this by then, or I should study 3 chapters of psych in three weeks or something like that. Seems more concrete to me. How are you folks planning to study during this last precious month before May exams? What are some of your strategies?
  3. I've done a lab using energetics instead of a standard titration to find the concentrations of HCl, H2SO4, HNO3, and CH3COOH, H3PO4. In my conclusion/evaluation I was going to mention some source of error coming from the different specific heat capacities of the NaOH I neutralized them with, along with the acids' specific heat capacities, and also the heat capacity of the water which is produced as a result of neutralization. Problem is I cannot seem to find on the internet the specific heat capacities of any of them in concentrated aqueous solution form! What I am thinking is that since they
  4. My parents seem to care about me personally. On another note, as for parents in general - whether or not they love us is something I also wonder. I understand there should be the biological force of nature which inclines mothers and fathers to care for and want to protect their offspring, but I wonder to what extent that is personal affection or "love"; birds will drop their chicks from their nests if they have any flaws. But to what extent can we compare humans to animals? But in what ways are we intrinsically different that we should be inclined to differentiate ourselves so thoroughly from
  5. Did it =)! For the grade part I put it in terms of IB scores though.
  6. 96+ is a 7, but after your grade has been converted. If you finished chem with an 88 after conversion (ie if you got 88 on your report card) then that corresponds to a 5. If you got an 88 before conversion, then you got a 7 as the IB boundary for a 7 in chem HL is about 80%. In that case, you report card mark should be 96% or higher (probably 97%). Which school and who your teacher is depends on how your grades are converted. For example, my chem teacher isn't the most generous with conversions, so an 88% still might not be a 7...and there are other teachers who don't bother converting your m
  7. World lit 2 is only 10% of your grade! Don't worry about it too much if you have other priorities. I didn't really like my WL2 personally, but I am a lot more confident in my WL1 and my other English HL assessments. I had so many deadlines around the time my WL2 was due, so even though I didn't like it very much and didn't think it guaranteed a high mark, I just handed it in as it was.
  8. You should get the Pearson Baccalaureate! I have the HL one and explains most stuff really well. Plus it has practice questions!! Those are really scarce at my school. Its explanations may be a bit lengthy, but they're worth the understanding they provide.
  9. Your IB coordinator should sen in your predicted grades for you later - well, at least that's how it works in my school.
  10. Yeah, I always have my dog for company too . Gotta love 'em! A big part of it is time management and not procrastinating, but if you are really ambitious and want like, a 40+ on your diploma plus have a really active CAS life and do lots and lots of leadership activities, that is easier said than done. I guess it depends on what you define a social life as too. Does social life = having a girlfriend and boyfried, or getting into lots of drama and conflict with your frienemies? Is it just attending lots of parties? I'm an introvert myself, so not having a life doesn't bug me toooo much. All t
  11. I used to really dislike poetry, and wondered why anyone would ever bother with such an ambiguous form of communication. But after studying some more of it this year I've come to respect it a lot more. We were reading some Seamus Haney in class, and for the first time ever I read a poem that might come close to what I would classify as my favourite poem. It was "The Early Purges"; I've never read a poem I could connect with as much as this one. So what about you guys? What are some poems and collections you love and would recommend?
  12. I did it. And was mortified ! Is burning them alive the only option...? Can't there be painless euthanasia, like an injection?
  13. First of all, your username is full of pwnage! Some Asian parents are notorious for this. I remember watching a documentary on elite Chinese schools. *shiver* The kids don't always become super depressed, droopy people whose results fall in the end, though. I know a lot of people who were probably whipped by their parents into doing well in school when they were younger, but eventually took the initiative themselves and now their parents probably don't have to chase after them to do it at all. In the grand scheme though, I wonder if in a decade or so they'll realize that they're really lonely,
  14. Your introduction is fine, but I don't think you even needed that much historical background info. Making a statement about the two novels, for example, the significance of the star-crossed novels in both of them, and/or the context and background of the star-crossed lovers and the concept of them in the two novels, would be effective enough. Actually, I think it's pretty important to have that in there, and even if you do keep your current introduction, it might be a good idea to do this after you say it.
  15. I have a question....where did you get your samples of waste water ?
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