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  1. I would love to do my IA topic with a local physical therapy clinic. The topic within them that interests me is helping to recognize and deal with freud of patients. I can't think of a way to form this into a question that I answer in my IA research. I've constantly thought about it and haven't been able to come up with a way to research and write about this topic. I've had an interview with the company and they like the idea, but they also cannot think of a way to do this. Any suggestions?! I aprreciate and ideas.
  2. Thank you both very much! Vanderlyle: Thanks for the warning. I haven't thought about that and am trying to keep far from letting that happening. I do think I will be able to work your idea into my presentation though. AHiddenName: I'm sorry! I thought it would be a presentation that I would find interesting so I would be able to make it the whole ten minutes. I will make sure to research him and see what I can find. Thanks for the lead!
  3. I'm doing my TOK presentation on dreams. I stuck on how to get started. Once I get a ways into it I'll be fine. I'm trying to come up with a good knowledge issue... Maybe something like... How does our sense perception, reason, and emotions effect our dreams? OR In what ways does a person's sense perception and emotions play into their dreams? Any ideas on how to get started or how to improve these KIs? I'd really appreciate any suggestions.
  4. I need to write a paper about sense of perception and/or reason. I know a lot I could write, but I want it to be organized and have one main point that I branch everything else off of. Any ideas on a main subject that could tie these two things together?
  5. Honestly It all still kinda confuses me, but that website on here about knowledge issues that is posted above really helped me out. I hope it helps you too!
  6. You can definitely research the holocaust if you wanted to for your EE. However, you're going to have to narrow down your topic considerably since the holocaust is such a big topic! Are you interested in the causes? A smaller event that happened during it? Reactions to it? Results of it? How it influenced another event? A historical figure connected with the holocaust (Nazi officials, prisoners, Hitler, etc)? Think about what you like and see if you can make it unique. You'll have more fun that way. So would something like Hitler's biography be a good topic? Or would writing about the reactio
  7. So I had a topic picked and I was so excited I didn't really think about how much work it would be. I don't mind working but I already do so much. For my old topic I would of had to learn a whole new subject. I just don't have time to do this. I was thinking about doing something about history, the halocaust or something. But that seems to common to me. Any ideas on how I could make this my own?
  8. I've decided to make my presentation about shoplifting and it being ethical or not. I'm just not sure how to word this into a knowledge issue.
  9. I need an idea. It has to relate to a knowledge issue somehow. I've tried and tried to think of something, but I'm getting nowhere with it and now I only have two days left!! :/ And ideas would be appreciated!
  10. I'd prefer to not do something plain and boring with this book because I know there is a lot of background to it but I'm not sure how to do something fun that I can still make serious. I'm at a block and just can't think. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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