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  1. Oh so you get 30 mins per piece! That's ok then I suppose, at least you can prepare some of the stuff of the analysis section... Thanks for your reply!
  2. These are great ideas! I think I'll stick to arranging my desk or something like that....listening to music and chatting would be good too. I shall go talk to my mum in my break times!!!!!
  3. Well I'm sure we all know that having lengthy study sessions for more than an hour without a break is not too good for our brains. I was wondering what you guys do in between study sessions that help you get refreshed, but at the same time, do not take your attention away for too long (i.e. NOT going on facebook)? I always end up going on my laptop and then not returning to study until like HOURS later.....what would be a good way to have a break, get refreshed and actually BE ABLE to return to studying? Hoping to hear some ideas!
  4. I was just wondering if there was a prescribed list of works that we had to choose from for our performance component in IB Music. Or can I just play any piece I want? Also is there a maximum for the number of pieces I can play? A time limit for each piece (I know its 20 minutes overall for HL and 15 for SL) Oh if anyone knows the standard of performance required to get a 7 please tell me! Like, is the grade of a certain piece taken into consideration when marking??
  5. Whoah, so its 3.5 hours straight without any break? Would you be really pushed for time then? Thanks for the information, its really handy to compare the subject to other subjects. So you reckon its less work to get a 7 then economics and biology, I will keep that in mind for my consideration. OH, so for HL you just have to compare and contrast two of the unknowns as extra work in the exam?
  6. Yeah I've heard that IB prepares you well for university. Thanks for all your suggestions! I really appreciate them. If anyone has any other ideas that'd be great too.
  7. Ok, thanks a lot, I mean, who likes stress? I can't do language B HL though, cos I'm doing Spanish Ab Initio... Anyway, thanks for your career specific advice- I didn't actually know you needed Bio and Chem HL to get into medicine...is that just generally for universities in American and UK or something?
  8. Yeah I want to do medicine. With the maths thing: I think I'm going to anticipate SL, because then I can get one subject out of the way. The reason why I was thinking HL English was because I'm doing pretty well in English so far as well- plus I heard you only study one more text, so its an 'easier' HL subject. BTW Which subjects require the most memory? Because initially I was actually thinking of doing Bio, Chem and Economics at HL or maybe English HL. Is Chemistry HL harder than Bio HL? @ Marsupilami: Yeah I have no spanish background whatsoever...so ab initio is the way for me. I can do C
  9. I heard that its pretty hard to get a 7 in music HL, also in SL too..... What do you guys think?
  10. Thank you Julia32, iotabebraindead, elmar!! I really appreciate your responses. @ Elmar: Yeah with the Maths SL Anticipating, I've already done like practically 70% of the course this year because that's just what our maths course was like. Wow, your doing 4 HL subjects? How are you finding HL English? Is it much harder to do well and what about the time constraints with writing essays and stuff? (Don't know much about the course) Thanks! @iotabebraindead: Hmm, I better ask around now that you mention it. Yeah, it would suck to have a bad teacher, and it would be so FRUSTRATING as well! Thank
  11. This was what I was thinking so far: English A Spanish Ab initio Maths Economics Biology Chemistry Other points: I'm most probably going to anticipate Maths SL (so that leaves 5 subjects in year 12) For HL I don't really mind which ones out of English, Economics, Biology or Chemistry. I mean I like all those subjects. So I think its just a matter of which one is easiest. Does anyone know if doing two HL sciences would be really hard? (I heard from someone that it was hell, but I suppose I can deal with the work load??) Or would English HL be a better choice??? Is it really hard to get a 7
  12. Thanks for answering my question. Yep its helped a lot! Is the written exam at the end of the year pretty much analysis? Also, do you think its pretty hard to get a 7?
  13. I was wondering how the IB music course was like. I'm not really worried about the theory or the performance, however more on the analysis. How are you guys finding music? Would it be a harder subject out of the ones your currently doing? Also should I do biology or music? As in which one is easier for you guys. Just wanting to see what other people think. Plus, with music, is it really hard to keep up with your practise time and also with homework in your other subjects? Cos I know some people practise a lot for their performances.. What's HL like?? Is it much harder? Also how hard is it to
  14. No I need to do it by hand. Show my working etc...
  15. I was just wondering if anyone had tips for finding the inverse of a 3x3 matrix. I basically know how to do it using the gauss jordon method i.e. get the identity on the LHS using row operations...but whenever i do this, I always go around in circles. Does anyone have any tips, like whether its best to try and make the numbers all equal to 1 etc.??? Or if a combination of numbers comes up I can do a certain row operation? Thanks, that would be a great help.
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