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  1. Granted. But you don't get into College. I wish I was a genius!
  2. You could keep your account and help out the other IBers...just a suggestion. That's what I am planning on doing if I get the IB Diploma.
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that have a good review of the topics on the upcoming IB Econmics Papers?
  4. We should make a list of all the questions that there were on the test or the ones we can remember lol. I forgot what my first essay was about and now I can't remember.
  5. I thought I was the only one that thought it was super hard! I would have wished that I would have studied other things, but I tried and that has to count for something. Hopefully a 4 in History, Lol.
  6. I am 17 and I am alsmot done with IB year 2. Just two exams left!
  7. I know watching the show doesn't count, but the discussion and journal part should. Right?
  8. Hey people! So I have been in this program that is geared towards exposing public school to theater. I had to apply for the porgram and I got in! So we get assigned a mentor and he takes us to 6 Broadway plays, one each month. After we Broadway play we have a 2 hour discussion and then we write a journal enrty, which we have to submit to the program. It's called Theater Development Funds (TDF) Open Doors program. Here's a link for more information, its not a long article: My link Do you guys think this counts as CAS hours? I think it does but the teacher that comes with us to the meetings an
  9. Hey guys! I was wondering what I can use instead of a fume hood for my experiment?
  10. Hey people! My Design Lab 2 Prompt is: Investigate a factor that distinguishes salts. Here is my question: How is the yield of Sodium in a Sodium Halide affected by different halides?
  11. What does the task mean when it says "Revise if necessary."
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