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  1. For me the question about the Provisional Gov't was obviously about the period between the February and October Revolutions... "Why were there two revolutions in Russia in 1917" refered to the causes of the second one, given that the Provisional Government only came into existence after the February Revolution.
  2. Ha, ha. I'm the luckiest guy ever, I did my Historical Investigation on the Great Depression in Poland, and suddenly there popped up a question about the effects of the Depression on one European country. So I was able to give statistics, names of historians, precise information etc. so that I expect a near 20/20 result. There was not a single topic I could be more prepared to write I also was quite pleased to find the topic about the effects of WWI on one state. I remembered some interesting details about the internal situation in Russia during WWI such as the prohibition of alcohol sales, t
  3. Mmm, I saw Kasabian and Jack White (with the Dead Weather) last year at the Open'er festival. Led Zeppelin - "IV" There it is. Led Zeppelin's "IV" is the ultimate rock album, every single track is a masterpiece. Jimmy Page is the best rock guitarist/composer of all time, and songs like Black Dog, When The Levee Breaks, Rock and Roll, or Stairway to Heaven are just wonderful. Let "IV" represent my love for classic rock, and especially Led Zeppelin. Eric Clapton - "Unplugged" Another guitar giant, Eric Clapton. "Unplugged" is pretty much the limit of how good a white man can get at blues. This
  4. The first three questions were okay, the last two were hardcore. Agreed. The integral in 3. wasn't this difficult, all it took was to notice that v^2+2v+2=v^2+2v+1+1=(v+1)^2+1 which happened to fit in the standard integral for arctan. I'm very glad there was an Euler question, 8 points for 1 minute of work... You just input the equations in the calculator and write down what it spits out. The integral in the fourth question was funny, everybody in my class had to cheat with the negative signs in order to get the right result Also, the last point in the last question was two points for nothin
  5. Thanks! One thing that really improved my morale before the P3 was calculating how much points do I have to score in order to get a 6 overall in maths. It seems the pessimistic variant is about 15/60, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much... Except my ambition tells me to try for the 7! One thing I just can't work out are the lower & upper bounds of finite integrals... I think I understand it, but i always get the results wrong. Also the Maclaurin and Taylor series questions are often more difficult than you'd expect, given that these topics are basically 'substitute something into the equ
  6. Oh dear, I think I didn't screw up the P1 very much, and the P2 went really well, but P3 is a whole different story... Do you have any clue what are approximately the grade boundaries for this particular option paper? I only found some for the different options, and it varied very much from one topic to another... Is it something like ~30 for a 5, ~35 for a 6 and ~40 for a 7?
  7. slack, I think you omitted the 'differential equations' part. You also need to solve homogenous differential equations (functions of y/x) and to solve linear differential equations [y'+y*P(x)=Q(x)] using the integrating factor [e^int(P(x)dx)]. This option made me think the Core material wasn't that hard after all. It's basically what you do at the first year of university Mathematics course...
  8. Calling either Stalin, Hitler or Fidel an idiot is very arrogant. Moral judgment is one thing, but you have to appreciate their skills which allowed them to put into practice their wild ideas. History is not a comic book, and however tempting it may be to just treat the dictators as the super-villains, you have to go deeper... The first important thing when writing P2/P3 essays on the rise of single-party states leaders should be asking the fundamental question: to what extent was their success an effect of their actions, and to what extent were they created by circumstances. For example, Sta
  9. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=detente+cold+war But seriously, detente was the period of the cold war lasting from the end of Vietnam until the Soviet invasion on Afghanistan in 1979. The US (with president Nixon and Henry Kissinger as the secretary of state) after the failure in Vietnam dropped their aggresive and expensive 'roll-back' (challenging communist sphere of influence) policies, and embraced a policy of balance of power with the USSR. The USSR also managed to close the 'missile gap', which made the balance of power possible. The USSR willingnes for the detente also was connected to their fear
  10. It's cool, I'm doing French B SL with only a year and a half of pre-IB experience, and I expect a 6-7 final result. The IA orals are easy, you only have to understand and speak basic French, Paper 1 is pathetically easy and the essay on Paper 2 is something you can definitely learn within the 2 years in IB. And in the end, after these 6 or something hours of French weekly, you can really communicate in that language, I suppose it's much more useful to take French than another useless Group 3/4 subject which was the choice I had (I take French as my Group 6 subject).
  11. I think the broken DVD questions was to be cracked with combinations. I think I didn't get it right, though, not enough time... I just wrote down some random combinations, hoping for 1-2 points for the proper idea.
  12. P2 was very, very easy this year. All the questions I was disappointed not to see on P1 - vectors, induction, some easy integrals and probability - appeared on P2. But for one sub-point, I totally nailed section B, and just one or two questions in section A didn't work out. I guess I can expect a score of about 100/120 if I didn't screw up the calculations where I knew how to solve the question. 7 in Math, here I come (provided paper 3 won't be a killer...)
  13. Quite a difficult one. Few 'easy' points to get in section b, as the questions were not 'standard' ones. Also quite a lot of drawing. I guess the mark boundaries should be about as low as last year (71+ for a 6, 82+ for a 7). Or, should I say 'hope', as I expect a score of around 80...
  14. It's all easy right to the moment you see the exam questions...
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