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  1. 1st time: CR: 590, W: 690, M: 700. T: 1980. I'm getting my SAT II in 2 days, pretty anxious !!! I'm going to study intensively for SAT this summer, hopefully I would get 2200+! Colleges I'm thinking about: Tufts (1st choice) Boston College Harvard Amherst Wesleyan Trinity U Vassar Bucknell Lehigh PS: Victor L, you are my idol !
  2. Thanks Desy ! I have one more question. I'm basically done with my paper. However, I don't get what "discuss the implications of your model in terms of G-forces acting a human being" is? Can someone please help me? Tks a lot !
  3. Hey guys, after trying a bunch of different types of function, I finally found out that power function fit best (y=ax^b). However, now I don't know how would I reason my choice of that function in my IA. Please help !!!!
  4. Hey guys. Thanks for the help. My final topic would be "evaluate the role of HCM in the decolonization process of Vietnam". I've been doing a lot of reading and will start writing. However, I want to get some opinions from you guys on how to organize this essay? Should I do it in chronological order or should i do a Social, political, economics, military role essay? Thanks a lot
  5. I actually just checked it out of the library! It was the first book popped out of google when I searched for books about Ho Chi Minh . I'll definitely start reading tomorrow! And yes, would you please send me the link to letters and speeches of Ho Chi Minh? really appreciate it! Hi, are you referring to this book : http://www.amazon.com/Diplomacy-Touchstone-book-Henry-Kissinger/dp/0671510991 ? Hi, all the ideas you listed are very interesting. However I don't get this part "how Ho shifted from America to nationalism (perceived communist)" and "the Americans were fighting a nationalist force
  6. Hey guys, I finally decided to do a history EE. My idea is to write a paper on the how Ho Chi Minh led Vietnam to win the Indochina war (against France) and created the Communist party of Vietnam. I have been doing research and reading about Ho Chi Minh. However, I need your advices on how to organize my paper. I don't want to do a chronological paper on what he has done to achieve the victory + the spread of communism. Do you guys have any suggestion on this? Thanks a lot!!
  7. You're not allowed to view other SL IA's for this topic, if that's what you mean. And I don't think you'd get it for free. And the thing is that even if you were to look at examples of previous Maths SL IAs of other titles, the structure wouldn't be the same as this stellar numbers task (at least, I don't think it'd be the same). If you're stuck on a particular part, then the best thing to do is read through the whole thread. With my type 1 task (linear systems) I read through the entire thread for it, about 16 pages worth and it was a huge help. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.
  8. - n is the stage, Sn is the value at that stage (the number of dots). For example for triangular numbers, n=3 => Sn =6, n=5 => Sn = 15. - For the proof, it's really difficult since different teachers grade it differently. For example, my teacher would accept using 2 different ways to find the same equation as an informal proof. However, you should not worry too much about the proof since it's only worth 1 point. If you do al the other part right you would get 19/20 which is still awesome !
  9. ill do research on taxation regulation in the U.S. In addition, the way to save tax on retirement is by life insurance so I would have to do research on that too . I dont think it gonna be too narrow
  10. Hey guys, I've just found out about this forum and this is awesome . I need you guys comments on my topic for my EE: "How to reduce tax and save money for retirements in U.S?". I have thought about it and it will basically be an analyzation about taxation on retirement in US and a guide to save the most for retirement. What do you guys think!! ? Tks a lot
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