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  1. I think its perfectly alright to take a SL subject at the end of IB1, especially if one already has prior knowledge/experience of the subject before IB. For example, language B. There isn't really THAT much to learn, and the only killers are the Oral presentations and individual oral.
  2. Oh. Looking at the subjects offered by your school, I would say it would be quite hard to get into medical schools. Then I would say, minimally take at least Chem SL to get some background, and maybe drop a group 3 subject to take bio/physics at SL.
  3. Looking at your courses, and how your school does not allow you to take 2 sciences at HL, I would advice you to move Maths and Chem to HL, and dropping 2 of your current HLs to SL. This is because most universities require Chem HL for medicine, plus either another science (or maths for some unis) at HL. Do try to ask your school to let you take another science at HL. If not, you might have to push Maths to HL.
  4. wrcr87

    IB Subjects

    These subjects are fine. I would say econs would probably be slightly easier than history to score in. Bio at SL is essentially more practicals, and marked together with the HL students, although theory wise it covers much lesser than HL. I would say Spanish since you say humanities is your strong point, but you need to have constant exposure to Spanish to do well.
  5. There is a big difference between SL and studies. SL is actually more similarly structured to HL than studies. So yes, take SL to ensure that you have a wide range of universities to choose from. If you are really struggling with Maths SL after say...3 months, then you could ask your teacher to let you drop. I'm sure they would much rather you take a subject you are comfortable with and can score than a subject you are struggling in.
  6. Heh, spent quite abit of time reading it, wasn't really funny, but its a good story nonetheless. Why couldn't we analyse this for a commentary?
  7. I'll try to answer this to the best of my knowledge. 1. No. There is not much advantage in taking 4 HLs, and most universities will first and foremost look at your total score first. 2. I don't think they view ab initio languages as soft, considering the level of competency you are suppose to come out with. 3. My school doesn't offer psychology as a subject, so I can't comment on that. However, do note that the learning curve for French ab initio would be very steep, as you begin to see verbs and objects in masculine and feminine form, different pronounciation and accents, different syntaxes e
  8. I would say physics, because at SL, it is much simpler than HL. Also, the IAs would be less taxing than that of bio. However, if memorising is your forte as compared to calculations, then bio, although since you like physics I doubt that is the case.
  9. Hey guys, I have the Campbell & Reece reference book, which probably covers more than what the syllabus requires. I intend to study from C&R and the notes given by my school, which is extracted from both of the books mentioned. Would you guys recommend it?
  10. Physics will keep alot of doors open, especially at HL. Like engineering, architecture, physics, computer science etc. And you like physics, just go for it, even if its only at SL.
  11. 9 subjects. Wow. I really admire your courage. As what people have said, consider dropping some subjects, because even with 6 subjects alot of us are already feeling the tons of homework and deadlines. I can't really comment much yet, as I just started IB1. But I would imagine that 7 subjects at IB1 is enough to drive anyone insane, much less 9.
  12. Since both of them are at SL, take physics because its easier and you like it more. Don't worry about the future part; there are still many fields open even if you take physics! Take what you like, it will be easier to score.
  13. Shouldn't Chem take precedence over Bio for med school? So I think you should take: Chem HL Bio SL Maths SL (unless you want a further challenge, then take it at HL)
  14. Bonjour a tous! Je viens de decrouvrir ce thread. Maintenant, quelque renseignements. Je viens de commencer mes lecons, et je ne prends pas le francais dans IB, mais je l'ai prends pour 4 ans avant IB. Alors, j'espere utiliser ce thread comme une chance pour practique mon francais.
  15. I am currently using this textbook as it has been recommended by my school. Is anyone else using this textbook? What are your thoughts on it? And if not, are there any other econs textbook that will be worth my time? Sorry for the questions, thanks in advance!
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