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  1. Thank you for your help people!!!! I think that I will change my project. My client is just pissing me off more each day. For example, my client took 3 weeks to give me a USB with photos and send me an email with information. He is just unwilling to cooperate, and I will find someone else.
  2. Hey people. I´m in a hurry, and would like to receive suggestions. I must develop a website for my ITGS Project. My client is the director of a school, and wants me to create a website for the community of the school. Being it a communitary website, it will have the need to be updated constantly with school announcements, photos of events, etc... My problem arises at this point. I need to find a website creating tool that gives me the opportunity to develop 3 or more complex techniques, but at the same time, can be updated by computer dummies. Everyone at the school sucks at technology, so I
  3. Thank you for the help. I just need to find a damn social problem that interests me. If I find it, i believe everything else will be cake (if i am constant in my work)
  4. Como yo soy de mexico, no tengo problemas con el español Es divertido ver que ustedes no tienen la letra "ñ" en su teclado, y escriben mal muchas palabras. Si necesitan ayuda con español, pueden preguntarme, considero entender muy bien el ingles.
  5. In stellar numbers, I found out that there was a certain multiple that built the figure. Each time a new phase was added to the stellar figure, i noticed that a multiple was always present. This multiple adds in the same way as triangle numbers build. I made an image for my portfolio, but i dont know if can post it here, maybe i will be giving the direct answer. If moderator let me post it, i will Hope this is not confusing. Its hard to explain without giving the answer.
  6. I get 3 hours of Tok, but i am disappointed by them. WE DO NOTHING. The professor often shows us a fun riddle or a curious topic, but never taught us something useful to craft our actual Tok essay. His class is only listening, and there is no homework.
  7. Thanks for the support! I will start to search for these books during vacations.
  8. Hello everyone. I´m really doubtful about the ITGS project which I must work out throughout this summmer vacations. I have three main doubts about the project. Any help would be appreciated. 1.- Could you give examples of "social problems"? I dont really what they define as social problems. 2.-How useful would it be to learn basic programming for the project? I found two excellent e books that teach you the basics on the programing language "Python". 3.- What is your recommendation: Hand-written or digital log-book? Thank you, any answer will be appreciated.
  9. Thank you for your answer. Which Ib book would you recommend me to use? Is there an online free version of it?
  10. My physics class is useless! I noticed this on my first Ib exams (which where simulations of the actual ones). The day my group took physics exam everyone came out worried. No one knew exactly how to answer the exam. Later on, we saw our grades. Everyone on the classroom, except me (lucky of me), failed the exam. This was a big surprise for all of us, so we decided to ask the IB students one year older than us. They told us that in our school we are learning physics as the school wants to (learn formulas and know how to apply them, just as a math course with a twist). This is completely differ
  11. You should listen to Sigur Ros. They create beautiful, relaxing pieces of music that slowly build up. The are an icelandic band, so you wont understand anything they say. Almost all their song are slow and quiet, but at the same time really beautiful. Hope you like it?
  12. sunn o))) sigur ros radiohead mastodon lcd soundsystem pink floyd beatles flying lotus arcade fire led zeppelin pretty varied stuff!
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