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  1. dont do the ee for a good mark or to make yourself look better on apps. do it to learn and do something you want. IF you truly enjoy chemistry, it will show in your ee.
  2. its really wierd. IB says its allowed as long as it comes from a different place but from the same culture, but they never specific what place means... So I would best avoid comparing these two books, because you will get 0s on some criteria if the books are not approved.
  3. I agree, the "seul" threw me off as well... but D seems to make a lot of sense as well. I guess we'll see in July. I found Text D really difficult. Anyone else agree? I couldn't think of 10 points to say at all! I basically reworked the entire text into my email. I don't think you always need 10 points. It depends on the text. On some exams from previous years they expected a lot less than 10 points to get your 10/10. This is similar to what I did (except in French, of course! ) Hi __________, You know how you suggested that I should ride my bike more? Well, I tried getting around on my b
  4. I did. High 5 Awesome! I actually love writing speeches. I was kind of disappointed there was no journal intime or lettre personnelle though. I was just wondering, it said it was a debate... so did if have to be argumentative? What exactly did you argue for/ against? I think I argued that we needed change, becuase wasnt that the only way to argue it? the prompt to make better public transportation. I think when it said it was a debate, it meant you needed to argue against the other people. So think of what the opposite argument would say and then argue against it. Like even though it may
  5. text B - Monaco.Can someone remind what this text was about because I dont really remember that question... I remember for the true false I had TFFT
  6. harder than most of the practices. Never seen the vocab on the text/questions before. I struggled with text A. What'd you guys put for the two multiple choice of A and the 2 main points of that originzation helping the kids?
  7. wasnt the exam yesterday and when are you planning on taking it?
  8. its been 24 hours already right... i believe it was a guide to what to do after Ib or something
  9. If your exams are in may 2012, you should definitely be able to change.
  10. well alizee, kyo and camille are good french artists
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