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  1. Did it in Math - How efficient is approximating definite integrals using ellipses as compared to other approximation methods?
  2. Along with all my IB courses, I took AP Physics B, AP Calc (AB and BC), and AP stats. My physics and statistics teachers were absolutely terrible. Out of two classes last year, only one student passed the physics exam. This year I was the only person to pass physics and I only got a 3. As far as statistics go, we didn't even finish the curriculum before the AP test came around... I took AP stats to help prepare me for math HL, but math HL ended up preparing me for AP stats... lol
  3. I disagree. My school offered AP Calc BC and IB Math HL. Actually, all the math HL kids took AP Calc AB, then did half a year of Just HL math, then the last half was AP Calc BC. Everybody in my HL class got a 5 on the BC test, even though some of them even failed HL math. I (and all of my classmates) think that AP calc is nothing compared to IB math.
  4. I also enjoyed HoS My class did get the chance to read 100 Years, and that was also pretty good. It was definitely a bit whacked, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
  5. SL Bio: 6 SL Spanish B: 6 HL Chem: 6 HL English A1: 4 History of the Americas HL: 4 HL Math: 6 ToK: B Math EE: A 35 Points
  6. misprints and Math HL textbooks go together like peanut butter and jelly
  7. They should catch up unless your initial velocities are whacky. I'd recommend you re-examine your recursive formula.
  8. Nobody in my class got the differential equation. We all got to the point of integrating both sides, but nobody at the time saw that you had to do the integral using arctan. Bleh. Series stuff was... no bueno lol
  9. I got 15/20 marks for this portfolio task. This was the most stressful and worthless IA that I have ever had the unfortunate task of doing (which is saying something, because our teacher also assigned us the patterns among systems of equations task before ever teaching us any linear algebra). I used Maple and spent hours upon hours entering numbers into formulas I made in maple and then converting those numbers into nice little tables.
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