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  1. Hey there, Idk.. It's really up to you obviously. One of my friend's who was this freak last year that got straight 6's in EVERY subject... This year took Math HL, He's really struggling. He said that it's one of the hardest subject, and it's the only subject that he's not passing. Really really hard working student. I honestly wouldn't underestimate it. But if your just naturally really good at maths, then go for it. Be ready for all the crap that comes though Good luck!
  2. Hi guys, I just created this survey for my math project, I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out by taking it. It'll be about 10-15 minutes maybe, It's based on how much music has influenced your grades in the past, or... currently I guess. It would be a big help. Thanks! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QHF9L7P
  3. I always wanted to be a singer. That's it really. & Fly to the moon one day I've applied to study at MI > (Musicians Institute) In California & Study to be an independent artist... Currently waiting for a response. I got into film making last year before the IB, but Visual arts and that kinda stuff has always been just a passion. I've done a few gigs, and have been offered to record some of my stuff... Guess the only problem is, I've still got to do this ridiculous diploma which means... I've really got no time to be going for my dream just yet. IB is depressing.. :/ But I've go
  4. Yeayeayea mine is this saturday Im gutted. Ive got this ridiculous talent show to do tmr, which is friday, my math project is also due tmr... Not to mention my spanish oral, biology assessment statements, and this section on my english thing. CRRAAPPP. At least im prepared for the SATS. + I've got rehearsal tonight for the show til 9. HA. Suck me.
  5. Jell-o and the inside was filled with coke (6)
  6. Hey guys, I kinda really need help on my WL paper. I haven't started writing it up just yet... I really need help forming up my topic. The book that I've got to do my comparison on is 'The Outsider' By Albert Camus, previously named 'The Stranger' and 'The Sailor who fell from Grace with the Sea' By Yukio Mishima. My original idea was to compare one of the themes of both books which was Nihilism and how they are portrayed by the authors, as well as similarities between the two protagonists. Now that I think about it, It really isn't a topic that could keep me writing on about for 1000-1500 wo
  7. It's'necessary', not neccessary which is always how i spell it. It's such a freakin annoying word. How are you supposed to remember weather there are 2 S's or C's? umm.. Theres also.. accessible not acessible acquaintance not accquintance lieutenant not liuetenent
  8. yea. Longest I stayed up for before I crashed was 2 and a half days. I stayed up to finish up work as well as talk and spend time with my ex... We did it together :3 it was really cute.. haha LOTSS off coffee tho.... every since IB started ive been pulling an all nighter at least 4 times a week :-/ My sleeping patterns are really messed up now
  9. Furtive Assimilation ''A mysterious power in which one can instantly blend into any societies, assuming a function. Not to be confused with Cloaking. Also known as Social Cloaking or Social Intuition. Capability A mysterious power in which one can instantly blend into any societies, assuming a function. Not to be confused with Cloaking. Also known as Social Cloaking or Social Intuition. Capability The user subconsciously nullifies the minds of others to easily merge into a group. Can walk into a restaurant and immediately assume a waiter, or go into a crime organization and assume a the rol
  10. Ive got my tongue, navel, & nose pierced. & on the ears, just 2 cartilage, and 5 others. As well as my waterline and upper eyelids tattooed like eyeliner.. only permanently, but that was forced upon me by my mother as a cultural thing. Here in Hong Kong.. People actually don't really mind piercings. & Most of my friends or just generally the people that I meet quite like my piercings. It's only the older generation of people that can be a little grossed out to see a random metal thing in my tongue. My dad definitely hates it and asked me why I did it.. It's really simple. It's
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPANMDt7nsk
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