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  1. I was wondering... who can get access to our final IB score? will teachers be able to see our subject-specific grades? or how much we scored on each individual paper?
  2. *coughs* reminds me of one of the stimuli for this years PPP for some very odd reason ;D
  3. ahemahem: http://www.ibsurvival.com/links/category/3-biology/ if you find the hartonlinebio.com website useful, add it to the list!
  4. As I have already helped (well, hope I have anyhow ) someone who was having somewhat of the same difficulty with their RI, I will say some (just a few) of the things I said to them in hope that it'll help you out as well. I would firstly advise you to scan through the sources you have and get familiar with the theatre practice, if you have a general short book about Noh, that would be enough to start with. Then, when you have a basic knowledge of several important traditional aspects of the practice of Noh theatre, choose one aspect you are most interested in (this is incredibly important
  5. hockey jockey jokey joker poker pokes poles moles molest modest modes nodes nudes dudes dude dud mud bud bid bide bide bite bits
  6. at the moment your question is too broad. in order to narrow it down you should think about which member taking part in the production (whether it is the actor/technical director/ stage/costume/make-up designer..etc.) might find the information you display as most useful. ask yourself: would I rather focus on the technical aspects? (that is lighting, stage, costume...) or on how the actor would play a specific role in performance? or perhaps on how a director would direct the piece? here is an example of a research question that fits your topic: "How would a Plastic Theatre actor perform th
  7. I agree that the last question was most challenging, for last part, I simply graphed the equation for the area on the calc, and observed where two different values of x (the angles in the given interval) share the same y coordinates (the corresponding area!)
  8. your father's advice is excellent. perhaps the preparation you have done so far was so repetitive in its nature you have subconsciously started rejecting new information (as well as "forgetting" old information) out of pure boredom. each individual has a different learning style. I myself am more of a visual learner. Thus, flow charts, minds maps etc., are the things which help me the most in times of need you should give it a try!
  9. I am only aware of the procedures in the UK, as that is where I have applied to. If you are thinking of going for medicine, Math studies and no Chem HL won't do you any good, and I don't believe any respectable UK university will consider you. A good friend of mine applied for medicine at four universities in the UK with a predicted score of 44 and did not get a place most likely due to the fact that her only 6-grade subject was Chem. It's competitive out there and you have to be prepared. Otherwise, if medicine is what you really want to do, talk to your IB coordinator and take the time to al
  10. it somewhat worries me that we both ate and drank the same things at roughly the same time.
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  12. "the philosophical rational seeks to clarify and link the performance choices to the work of a theatre philosopher". You described the piece as Stanislavskian, so I would suggest you dedicate your section 3 of the PPP to an essay exploring how you plan to, in a Stanslavki-type manner, develop your character (Clara Phillips). Once you have done some research into his system and the various acting techniques he proposes the actor uses in rehearsal and performance this shouldn't be a problem
  13. 22 downloads

    German Ab Initio Oral : Social Activities, Fitness and Health. possible oral questions and open ended answers
  14. 25 downloads

    German Ab Initio Oral: HOUSE, HOME AND DAILY ROUTINE. (oral questions and possible open answers)
  15. pot Spot spat splat Split Slit slot Sleet? SWEET! Skeet sheet shoot? shout shot Sh.it Ship skip slip slim slime slide slice slick lick luck lurk lure pure cure core chore who.re where here there these those whose whole hole home hope cope dope dote date fate fat fact tact
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