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  1. I wouldn't go so far as to say your ideas are too narrow, however I would choose an idea which can be interpreted many different ways. My theme was "being small", roughly so anyway, and I used this in a lot of different ways. Ignorance, loneliness, confusion, and fear were some of the subthemes of my work. I also took a few more positive examples, such as wonder in the face of things greater than oneself, and physical smallness being a strength rather than a weakness. Now, I haven't gotten my grades yet so I don't know whether I've done things right or not, but the examiner seemed fairly p
  2. Anthropology is a really fascinating subject, I think. I do get bored out of my mind reading about theorists, or at least I did at first. Reading about other cultures is fun though, and the theory is REALLY useful in helping you understand them, I find the theories much more interesting than the theorists themselves. It isn't hard, per se, either; a lot of dense stuff sometimes, but it really just depends on what theory book you use. We have Thomas Hylland Eriksen's Small Places, Large Issues and Carl Salzman's Understanding Culture. Had I been shown Salzman's book at the start, I would h
  3. *stage whisper* I haven't actually read the ethnography for my Anthropology exam tomorrow.... Suppose I ought to get cracking on that
  4. Oh dear... how to pick just one or two songs?? Umm, Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot, Apocalyptica, and Globus have some great music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6KilO_AiZU
  5. I did question 5(?) on TZ2. Don't remember the exact wording, but it was something about how protagonists move forward, or end up back where they started. I used An Equal Music and Never Let Me Go as my examples... At the last minute I realized that I may have interpreted the question wrong though, so I had to do try to salvage my points in my conclusion, but I'm hoping it went well...
  6. I picked the poem. To be honest, I didn't even bother to read the prose until after I was done with my commentary, when it was too close to the end of the exam for me to leave, and I was feeling bored. I've never been any good at analyzing prose, poems are MUCH easier for me... I think I got a lot out of it, hopefully it went well.
  7. It's really hard to say. I feel like I did well, but last year's students felt the same thing, and the highest in that group was a 5, the rest were 3's. And no one at my school has ever gotten a 7. But at the same time, comparing with the rest of my class while discussing how it went, it seems that the examiner was especially positive towards my work, and there were a lot of things she liked, so I'm hoping it went well.
  8. Oryx and Crake = boring and heavy handed?! I loved Oryx and Crake I've read a reasonable amount of Margaret Atwood's stuff (admittedly not her poetry) and think that O&C is perhaps my favourite. I find her writing style very appealing -- very spare and easy to read. To be honest outside of English Lit lessons I've always felt epically untroubled by themes, plots etc. and so I suppose I mostly just pay attention to the style and how well the scene is painted. I got really caught up in every Atwood book I read and found their situations and psyches genuinely very interesting. It saddens me
  9. I wrote about "Snow" as well, didn't even read the prose section until I'd finished my Snow commentary because I'm so bad at prose... I blathered on about how snow symbolized death and happiness and life, and that life and death are interconnected, or something, I don't even know and in hindsight it does feel a bit stupid... but I still think (hope) I did well. Poetry commentary is one of my stronger points in IB. Unlike math, ugh.
  10. 1. What is your real name? Anna 2. Where are you from? Utah 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Um. Google, methinks. 4. What made you register on IB Survival? Because I was running out of ideas for procrastination. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? Er. A few months ago? No idea. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? I liked visual arts, until I had to write in the workbook... so then English, probably. 7. When are you graduating? May 2011 8. What are your plans for university? Hopefully, psychology at Uppsala University *crosses fingers* 9. What are your free-time hobbi
  11. I never watch anime or read manga on my own, but I do borrow from my friend occasionally. I've read/seen Ouran High School, Fruits Basket, and a couple others which I don't remember. All rather forgettable, but I've never been one to like reading about love drama. I have read D. Gray-Man which I LOVE, started watching the anime but school caught up to me around episode 40 or so... heh. I've also watched Hetalia Axis Powers which cracked me up. I read the first Full Metal Alchemist manga, do want to read/watch more but never get around to it. Um. Hm. Does Teen Titans count? Watched tha
  12. Er. Stephenie Meyer was coming to my town for a book signing, YEARS ago, I didn't even know who she was but my friend had two tickets, so she gave me her extra copy of Twilight and off we went. I thought it was cool to get a signed copy, then I read the book, and... eehh. Then her popularity exploded, and I didn't really understand why. Her writing ability was rather mediocre (then again, I'm a language snob, I read LotR over and over again because I love his writing style), the plot was kind of dull, and the characters were annoying. Plus her definition of vampire was rather unsatisfacto
  13. I learned to love The House of the Spirits after a while. Much Ado About Nothing completely cracked me up. I could not -stand- Never Let Me Go. In Swedish A1 I loved the poems of Karin Boye, and Ondskan (Evil)- freaked me out, that book did, but at least it didn't annoy me
  14. I've had difficulty phrasing my theme in a way which doesn't sound stupid, but basically my work centers around "being small". I've experimented with man's insignificance against nature, being low/insignificant in the eyes of others, ignorance and closed-mindedness, but also more positive views of being small (one of my more recent projects was a watercolor of a palm-sized dragon who burned up a leaf, and was very proud of himself for doing so!) It's something which I've been able to expand in all sorts of directions, without being too vague at all.
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