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  1. Could you please delete my account, Thanks heaps. Farewell IB.
  2. They did not only copy stalin questions for p1 and 2 but also asked on the causes for ww1 both times, just phrasing it differently...
  3. Thank you emy. Exactly what I was meaning. I am teaching myself all of that starting 11:12 night before. Learn the narrative random historians that generally comment on it and years and you will be fine. Good luck
  4. Remember that after all this you can still do what you want to do through other means. IB is not the end of your world, seems like it, but i promise their is life after IB. Good luck, and if you want Paper 3 advice I'd learn an essay on Weimar, Alex 11, All Hitler, compare Hitler with Stalin, WW1 and Peace Treaties. I'm aiming to learn all of that, well skim over at least Good luck!
  5. I'm Australian and thought it was more of an aussie thing to say, never suspected the English
  6. Hey fellow Aussie! I was only at school for one term in yr 11 and 12 due to being is hospital for so long. Suprisingly their were about 6 IBers that got very sick through the IB. It was offered to me to do a split exam session, in which I did one exam Psych last Nov and the rest this May. However not all 6 of us were offered this, only two. Due to Marks etc. Im glad I got this opportunity but tbh I haven't even started studying and the exams are next week... and unlike my peers, I ve had to teach myself all the subjects. But I would recommend the split session if you're still sick, its just li
  7. ANU- however that is only if you want to live in a hole, with no social contact outside the campus.... USYD is a better option in my opinion, you stay in sydney and although its a little on the preppy side, it has great teachers etc. Better yet, go to USA like me
  8. In psychology we study that talking about your issues or problems in your life at the moment will stop them from manifesting in the future. This thread is dedicated to pouring out your issues, no one needs to reply necessarily to your problem, it a thread to vent and put your thoughts in front of you (within reason please). It also may help gain perspective on your problem atm by looking at others. Well, in my second year IB, I was in hospital for most of it with a spinal disorder, hence I was allowed a split exam session for this may. The catch; I would have no classes or teachers, so all o
  9. If you are doing math studies I would do the whole thing using the formula and showing the working if you want a 7. Here are two sites first one to find the coefficient and second for linear regression formula. http://davidmlane.com/hyperstat/A51911.html http://easycalculation.com/statistics/learn-regression.php Good luck.
  10. Make like a good 500-1000 words judging if these case studies did aid in the insight of .... or if further investigation needs to be made. Pretty much decide if it is good or bad and explain why TO WHAT EXTENT
  11. I agree that it s a waste of time to do 4. Also Ivy league do not really consider you to be any higher. Its more if you get 6, 7's (which are looked at equally btw) and tbh I would be more concerned with just getting a higher overall grade. This combined with SAT's and extra circ (CAS) will be the deciding factors. Good luck
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