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  1. Thank you! I was surprised at the 7 in english because I know that I sort of misinterpreted the ending of the unseen, and I didn't even write a conclusion! I'm curious to know what I got in each individual exam..
  2. I got... English HL 7 Chemistry HL 7 Biology HL 7 French SL 7 Psychology SL 7 Maths SL 6 EE B TOK C Overall 42 I was so happy with all my subject grades, I was genuinely not expecting that! @Slovakov - I was confused about my TOK too! I don't really feel like I have the right to complain about my results, but the thing is I got full marks for my TOK presentation, so I don't really know how I got a C! Maybe we should ask for a remark!
  3. I remember putting the option "The children only help their parents on the fields during the holidays", or something like that, for one of the text A questions. And something about the organisation trying to help the children to improve? Might have been B and F, unless I'm getting mixed up with another question. Then for the last one, I said the volunteers didn't have to bring their own equipment (option A). I thought one of the questions for text B was quite ambiguous - the true or false one about Monaco(?) being strongly restricted in what it could do because it was small. In the text, it ki
  4. I did question 3 and I didn't use imperative or point form either - I don't feel like the question really lent itself to that kind of thing.. Because it wasn't a guide about something like 'healthy eating' where you can list simple instructions, it was more like "If you want to (blah blah blah), then you should (blah blah blah)", and then spend a while elaborating on that point. If that makes any sense! After the exam when I told my teacher I wrote a guide, he said "oh so did you use the imperative, that sort of thing?" and I was like, CRAP.. But when I told him what I did he said that was fin
  5. Well, I personally don't like evolution since it is still so unknown and some of the answers are tentative, I like solid facts that I can learn etc. Heh, glad it was good though Well you're lucky you looked over cocaine, I didn't at all but I take chemistry medicine & drugs option so i sorta got the knowledge from there and made something sensible up. I hope I could at least get 4 marks >< Really? i haven't really seen the questions on heart rate, I wasn't expecting any questions from oxygen dissociation curves since it was in Nov 2010 Yeah I'm not too keen on the topic itself eith
  6. Yep, I did evolution! It was alright yeah, for the 6 mark question we had to discuss the gaps in the fossil record (just in general) and explain the uncertainties about human evolution as a result.. which wasn't too bad (thinking about it, you could probably answer that one fairly well without even studying the topic!) My other option was neurobiology - was very thankful that I looked over the cocaine bit about 10 minutes before the exam! They seem to love the question about control of heart rate - I think that's the third paper it's been on, in some form, but usually for more marks..
  7. I totally agree! The markscheme is so random sometimes it's really hard to actually guess what the marker wants you to write... But yeah for the light independent reaction it was pretty obvious what they were asking for. However, for the vaccination (or even sickle cell anemia) question it was a little bit harder to guess what's going to be in the markscheme. Exactly yup that's why I didn't do question 8! The transpiration one in question 6 was easy to predict (hopefully) too - I'm guessing one mark for defining transpiration, then state and explain effect of humidity, wind, light and temper
  8. What did people put for the homologous characteristics question in paper 1? Was it the appendix in humans and horses? I didn't put that though, I put the fin of a fish and wing of a bird - complete guess. Also, what's this question about the spongy mesophyll layer? I have no recollection of this whatsoever! The section B questions this year were so much better than last year's (which were really obscure..) I did 5 and 6 - thought it'd at least be quite easy to match the markscheme for the 9 mark Calvin cycle question - let's face it, in biology it's all about being able to predict the marksche
  9. Oh **** you're right! My answer was 6000 nanometers, so 6 micrometers... ugh I'm pissed Oh well! That was only one question. Oh btw what did you guys write for the "label the mitochondrion" question? Was 1 cristae or inner membrane space? I'm pretty sure 6 micrometers / 6000 nanometers was the right answer - that's what everyone in my class got, although I somehow got 600 nanometers (think I might have typed it into the calculator wrong or something ) For the mitochondrion question I got cristae. Was the line pointing to the middle of the cristae then? I didn't think of that. That would have
  10. Well, I thought it was question 9. You're TZ2 right?
  11. Well, my whole class had only really revised two out of our four poets, and both of them were war poets. So when question 9 came up, "How, and to what effect is war presented by two writers" everyone in the hall just laughed. It was a pretty joyous moment.
  12. Yeah, I put that the amount of Mg and Cl2 was the same
  13. I can't remember which equation I changed the sign for, but I got a positive answer which had '48' in it. So maybe 1.48V? For the multiple choice question about what carries the charge in molten aluminium, was the answer electrons or cations? At first I put electrons, but then I thought they might be testing whether we know ions can move when they're liquid? So I changed it, but now I reckon it might have been electrons again >< Paper 2 was quite stressful - I knew I'd got the first calculation wrong because it was totally different from the literature value they gave you to work out the
  14. I chose that one too. The only other person who chose prose in my HL class interpreted exactly the opposite of how I did. I basically understood that the author doesn't really care about history and thinks we need to focus on the "here and now" because essentially that is what is going to make history one day. But my friend interpreted it as if the author does care about history. How did you understand the text? It would be good to hear someone else since as I can see not that many people chose prose. Hmm well I have to say I thought that the author DID care about history - I mean Price was
  15. Haha I guess they do HL so they do two options (and have 2 hours). Otherwise that's impressive! I did the question on biological and sociocultural influences on depression, I liked that question so I was happy
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