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  1. Thanks everyone, there were some really awesome ideas, thank you so much! : ) It was my project over the last year. CAS and IB are now over done with so now I just get to see the fruits of my labors.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm in charge of planning the IB graduation this year (my CAS project haaa) and I need to come up with some paper plate awards! Some examples would be; - Best calculator skills - Most caffeine consumed - Biggest procrastinator etc etc! Could anyone offer any more? THANKS! AND CONGRATS TO ALL OF US WHO ARE FINISHED FOREVER WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!
  3. I've been sick numerous times over the last few years and I've missed maybe 2 days of school. I headed out with pneumonia just because I didn't want to miss anything ... they ended up sending me home -__-
  4. Watch tv! I found it extremely helpful when getting ready for oral french exams. I spend a ton of time listening to French tv and radio. It helps you get used to the level of fluency, helps you build vocabulary and helps you see the language in action (something you don't always get in class!)
  5. If you're wanting a little bit of extra support, check out my blog at www.ibthereforeiam.wordpress.com Essentially I'm just going through IB day by day so that people in your exact situation have a little something to hold on to : )
  6. THERE IS DEFINITELY A DIFFERENCE! I feel like everything is 100% geared towards my exams now and the regulations are being drilled into us. If anyone would like a day-by-day look into the life of a second year full IB diploma candidate, check out my blog! It'll keep you company on those long EE binge nights! ; ) www.ibthereforeiam.wordpress.com I would also like to say; 1. YES finish your CAS hours ***AS SOON AS POSSIBLE***. I finished last year and I think I would have a heart attack if I were trying to get them all this year. 2. Plan your E.E. over the summer. You'll hate yourself for sitti
  7. Complete the phrase! YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN IB WHEN...... You attempt to do your extended essay on Dr. Seuss.
  8. 1+1 (I hate it when they take the numbers out of math) Flora or Fauna?
  9. I started an Amnesty International club at school and nailed down a topic for my extended essay
  10. Granted, but you have to redo your entire E.E. for the following day. I wish that I was good at math.
  11. Grape gape gap rap raw row crow cow caw cat scat seat heat beat beast yeast yeas year rear near sear smear swear sweat sweet sweep weep wep web wet yet yen yes yews Jews pews peas seas sets bets pets jets nets lets less mess fess fest feast beast yeast least last past part park perk pork work wok wonk conk coak cork cord core bore bare dare ware wore word ward bard yard hard card car cor cot coat boat boar bear beard heard herd herb her herd head had hard card cord cork dork dark dart fart fat fad dad dads pads pats pass piss kiss hiss his sis sir sit bit bits hits sh.its ships skips slips lip
  12. UPDATE: Just figured out how to add the "subscribe" button! Make sure to subscribe and tell all your friends! Thank you for the love so early on everyone! : D
  13. Hot simply for the fact that its harry potter related?
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