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  1. there wasn't a thread for this yet, so...any thoughts?
  2. what works are you eligible to use? i'd help you find a way to approach it, but it's really hard not knowing what books you're allowed to use. let me know
  3. we had packets so I had sets of IB problems per curriculum topic...I think I only did one full mock you?
  4. i thought it was REALLY REALLY difficult...i'd done a ton of practice and still found it that way i think they did a good job at being tricky/sneaky and combining concepts in unfamiliar ways, which is really unusual for the IB i feel confident about my ability to get some method marks and follow through points though...
  5. i talked about the river as a symbol for what the narrator wanted but could not have and used the differences in tone when he describes his experiences v. the paintings to show that. i've heard arguments about living vicariously through art, the problems of being passive, and the need to know what you talk about. SO MANY CHOICES.
  6. what was your thesis in general? about half of my IB class did the poetry and I've heard every single person with a different interpretation of it. hahahaha.
  7. Soooo we've just begun to take practice tests for French B SL, and I've noticed that I am significantly lacking in vocabulary. Is this true across the board, and if it's not, does anyone have helpful lists? My teacher has totally ignored the issue of vocab all year...
  8. I'm in French B SL, and my class is combined with AP and therefore really really focused on AP exam prep, which seems pretty straightforward. However, I have no idea how to prep for the IB test in May--I've done one practice and it went not so well, and I'm feeling kind of lost. Tips?
  9. I just got my Psychology HL IA back and I was wondering if anyone knows the past/common grade boundaries for the 1-7 grades corresponding to raw scores. I have the grade boundaries document, but Psych HL isn't included. AHHH, anyone help?
  10. [quote name=Gee ' timestamp='1294171395' post='95031] Initially I couldnt believe how many people loved The House of the spirits.However,in retrospect,I realised that I also liked the female characters in it.THe problem was the length of the book I have 2 favourites A Dolls house - H.Ibsen The Visit - F.Durrenmatt I just finished Doll House and ADORED it. I didn't read The Visit for IB, but I actually performed in a production of it and fell in love with it then. Also, not that common, but I read July's People by Nadine Gordimer and really really really liked it even though it was super har
  11. I've been revising my World Lit papers and I'm unsure of whether or not it's appropriate to use author bio/psychobiographical lens to craft your contrast in paper #1. Any thoughts? Thank you!!
  12. HAHAHAH no. next poster will be on here procrastinating...
  13. Sorry, I feel like I ask questions all the time on here for history, but we have a long-term sub right now who is not IB trained and so I don't have a ton of resources for help at school. Anyway, with a question like "Analyze the reasons for Germany's defeat in World War I," is it appropriate to challenge the assumption of the question? One of my friends feels that Germany was not defeated, but rather forced to surrender, and isn't sure if it would be appropriate to challenge in an Analyze question. Thanks
  14. ib_girl

    HELP: analyze

    Can I treat it like a to what extent question in a way? For example, one of the questions is "Analyze the causes and results of the Chinese Civil War." Should I list a bunch of the causes, and tie them together, and then a bunch of the results, and tie them together, and then evaluate which one was the most prominent? I'm just struggling with what I do with the evidence. I know the causes, and I know the results--but I don't know how to weave them together and write a thesis. Ugh...this makes me sound like such a failure. I'm sorry.
  15. ib_girl

    HELP: analyze

    I'm decent at History of the Americas HL, but am really struggling with the papers 2/3 command term "analyze." I'm never sure how to treat the question and write a thesis. Any ideas?
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