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  1. Patriotism is bad. I believe so, because patriotism prevents that one would look at his country objectively. If you are a patriot you will negate any problem that your country faces, and so you will not solve them. I strongly believe one must be critical and try to change bad things, simply despising them and blindly loving your country is not ok. Secondly, I think patriotism can lead into chauvinism and racism, which obviously does no good. If you love your country you are less likely to respect others, which is against open-mindedness. After all, Nazism was at the beginning nothing else but
  2. Yes, you can definitely take three languages. Half of my friends do it.
  3. Yes, it is very moral indeed. Look at the picture above, did that starving kid really have freedom to chose that. Think about your words twice. Think about that, who works harder: a worker sweating 10 hours a day to get a dollar a day, or some rich man who lies on his beautiful yacht and all that he does in a day is eat some caviar. And you call a worker lazy... No, we dont. Because there are some people who don't even have enough money to go to ever enter eve first grade of the school. Just because my and your father have enough money to pay for IB doesn't justify that our lifes will be h
  4. In Slovenia, every August before the begging of the last school year, thousands of students (pretty much every to-be Senior) goes to Greece, mostly Corfu, and we all have wonderful 7 days of primarily consuming alcohol, non stop partying and lots of love. Its crazy and when you come back you are so tired that you sleep for 2 days straight. That is "official unofficial" trip, meaning teachers don't go with you. The official trip is 3 months before that, where you go with a bus and some teachers to some neighboring country (mostly Italy or Austria) for a few days. Before it was 7 days as well a
  5. I don't find it a problem. Due to my laziness, I extremely rationalized my work and still keep my grades somewhere between 35 and 40. I don't do more than 3 hours of after school work in a week. At languages, I only had to read the books that teacher gives you, Math is easy for me and Philosophy is a subjects which doesn't discriminate between Descartes and "some old wise man" so if you are inventive thinker its easy to get 7 and not come to a single lesson. Apart of IA the only two subjects that require me to work are Physics and Anthropology, however I don't, which shows up on my Physics gra
  6. I believe it is just an excuse for your school not to offer Math HL. They don't want to do it for some reason (probably because it is a hard subject) and simply blame it without on IB. I do not see any reason why IBO would not let your school teach Math HL, as much as I know any IBO school (which your school definitely is) can offer exams in any of the IB subjects. As Keel said, contact IB, and if you are right just take a parent and go to the headmaster, and everything will work out.
  7. My question is: do English universities count English B HL as an ordinary HL subject? I take 4 HL subjects, and one of them is English B HL which is quite easy, and I will probably get 7. So, will the universities look at it as a normal subject or not, or will they even overlook it and look at other three subjects that I take at the higher level? Thanks a lot for reply.
  8. The topic of my presentation is going to be bullfights, but I cant think of a good question. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.
  9. What societies do you study? I think that is a very important questions, it's not about ones being hard and easy ones, but in IB it's about how useful they are to prove your points. I think studying to much about lifestyle in different communities is not something that gives you a better grade, focusing on key element, tradition, or specialties of each community is the one that gives great anthropological insight into human and human culture. And it is here that selection of ethnographic becomes crucial, because as I said, you can study hundreds of them, but if there is not that significant th
  10. I cannot agree with you. I find anthropology the easiest subject and it doesn't require any work at all for me. All we do is have relaxed discussions in class, and each time we get 3 pages of some article to read at home, but nobody from the class reads it anyways. I have 7 predicted, and by the way, my teacher is paper 1 examiner so I believe the grade is honest. There are only two things you have to do to have a good grade. First, be intelligent. It really helps if youre interested in social studies, because than you have a broader picture of the issue in your mind, students that are more na
  11. Hi, I would really like to do something useful this summer so I was thinking to go to a summer school this summer, the problem is however, i dont find any. That's why I'm asking here if anybody knows about any cool school in Europe, preferably something that has to do with humanities or social studies, and not too expensive, for less than 800 euros a week. Thanks a lot if somebody can help me with that.
  12. All of the group 3 subject have such a little importance on study of architecture. You should just take the one that you like the most. Trust me. And from my experience, some universities don't even require that you have studied physics, but don't risk and do take physics as most do, as well as it's going to be easier for you.
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