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  1. If you want to do something science-y or medical in university, do biology HL. It is a really interesting syllabus mostly for those who are biology inclined.
  2. Yes, the score you get out of 45 will be converted to an ATAR according to a pre-determined conversion system, which can usually be found somewhere online during your final year of school. Can usually find this by googling 'IB to ATAR conversion 2019', for example.
  3. Never understood the necessity to sacrifice sleep to get work done. You should be able to finish all assignments, have time to play sport/socialize and still get 8 hours of sleep nightly. I cannot focus, study or retain any information without 8 hours of sleep, I simply feel terrible. Everyone has a different situation and should organize their schedule accordingly of course, but there is always a solution and certainly 4 hours is insufficient.
  4. Your ToK essay is also included in that combination. Small amount of points that could eventually be the difference in university admissions. They are considered priceless in that EE/ToK define the IB diploma programme; other educational systems don't insist on you writing a lengthy academic essay nor studying the theory of knowledge.
  5. Calculating p-values manually involves finding the probability that you are outside the critical value, for a given significance level (usually 0.05). Even calculating it manually requires either the tables or a calculator, so a calculator should be fine for this task.
  6. Check your units on the calculation of Q = mc∆T for the system, making sure they are consistent. Q = 100 g * 4.18 J/g*K * 35 K = 14,630 J = 14.630 kJ. Then calculate the amount of ethanol burned in moles. Enthalpy change of combustion is then kJ/mol, the two above values once you calculate the moles. You should get an answer around -378 kJ/mol I believe.
  7. My username is the first half of my given name and also my nickname.
  8. The IB doesn't expect Shakespearean English in your ToK essay. I'm a native speaker and I'd say my essay flowed pretty comfortably, but I ended up scraping a C for my essay. It's more your ideas/analysis and how applicable they are to the question. Judging from your opening post it seems you can express yourself in writing quite well!
  9. Get your hands on the IB questionbank which can be found hovering around the Interwebs, a quick google search should get the job done.
  10. Born into an Islamic household and subsequently raised with the basic teachings. Parents were never really strict on me religiously, however, I now consider myself an ardent and devout Muslim. The more I grow older and delve deeper into my faith and other religions the more I am convinced that what I am following is indeed the truth. That's how religion/faith should be in my opinion; allowing the individual to explore and be convinced of the truth themselves, without referring to the bias that infiltrates our televisions and media.
  11. Row reduction of matrices in the old syllabus was always annoying, especially when you take the wrong first few steps and are stuck in a mess. Induction proofs often were tricky, the proof in my N12 exam in P1 gave me nightmares. The fact that I still remember the question distinctly speaks volumes.
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