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  1. Agree with IB Failing. It may be better to present the raw data in the main body due to a salient feature it may have that can further justify whatever you're trying to show in your paper. Consultation with your supervisor will be the best option for now. Good luck!
  2. What kind of technology? Technology may be too broad. By the way, under what subject is this EE going to be about? And remember that for EEs, you can only have secondary and minimal if not, no primary research at all.
  3. You do have to understand that the MYP Program and the Diploma Program are different in terms of their difficulty. A 6 or 7 in MYP may just be a 4, or a 5 in the Diploma Programme. In the end, it'll all be up to you to decide, but in our case, and I've this from many other people as well, that in the end, they drop the 4th HL because it just gets into the way. I'm not underestimating you though. If you think you can manage, then go for it!
  4. Hi guys! I just have 2 questions! Hope you could help me out! Does the Molar Volume of a gas assume that all the molecules are of the same size? Since in Neuss's Chem Book, he states that given that pressure, temperature and volume are the same, n=n (moles). But isn't it that some elements are bigger, hence, their pressure will be greater compared to smaller elements given that they have the same number of moles? Please enlighten me on this! Why is it that a gas is most ideal at high temperatures and low pressure? Thanks a lot, guys!
  5. Okay. So, you already have your real-life example. What you have to do now is to determine your knowledge issue. What is the central recurring thing in this whole European Union thing? Let's see. How do we know the EU is working or not is too broad. You still have to shorten it. You may want to focus on the knowledge issues such as, "removing land barriers among close nations contribute to knowledge", or something to that effect, and then from there, prove this through examples, supports and arguments, making sure to cite BOTH SIDES, and coming up with your own personal answer/opinion at the e
  6. If you put your heart and mind into something, nothing is impossible.
  7. Hi guys! Well, I was trying to do my chemistry homework, when I suddenly found out that I couldn't decipher how to answer it. It's a page long with super small font, and I don't really know how to proceed. Could you please help me with this one item? 10 cm3 of ethyne is reacted with 50 cm3 of hydrogen to produce ethane according to the equation: C2H2 + 2H2 → C2H6 Calculate the total volume and composition of the remaining gas mixture, assuming that temperature and pressure remain constant. Thank a billion! I'll try to figure out everything else from here!
  8. If you can visualize what your parts are, and you think it be of enough cause to actually conclude something, or at least show something, then your title is good enough. Alternately, you can grab a copy of the EE guide in the Downloads section of this website to help you. Good luck!
  9. For the feel like eating, technically, your feeling, hunger, which is a response to stimuli you get from things your body senses, just like others. So, technically, given the definition:"a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others", and since hunger is a circumstance you feel, then technically, its a feeling. You may want to show them something scary to start off your presentation. (Or to make them evoke emotions!) There may be logical processes behind our emotions that we just cannot understand. It's like gut feeling when you're i
  10. Wait. What do you mean? Both IB and German Abitur? I guess IB will be more internationally-renowned. So, it will be better to take that instead.
  11. You may want to check the Business Subject Guide because most information about it is there! It's available in the Files Section in this site for free!
  12. You may like to check these threads out because the same things were explored: (I already answered them there! ) Hope this helps! Good luck!
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