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  1. enviro chemistry is a really safe bet, it's global warming, pollutants, biological oxygen demand, acid rain, not too much, and the questions seem quite repetitious if you look at past papers
  2. Hey, does anyone have any good notes on quote comprisons between Death of A Salesman and Glass Menagerie, I need to study those books for my English A1 Paper 2, but my notes are awful. I much preferred Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Waiting for Godot
  3. really? Write a set of notes that contains all the facts you will need to know, and have someone ask you questions, like "What were the underlying origins of WW1" or "What was the morroco crisis?" and you have to answer with the date of the event, what happened, to whom, and it's consequences, and any relevant statistic . that's what I'm doing and it's working pretty well.
  4. If you're worried about focusing on vocals, why don't you listen to instrumentals? try: All is Violent, All is Bright - God is an Astronaut Night Diving - Thrice for starters
  5. I like # 1 alot, #2 sounds like it's based on an assumption, which could lead to some difficulties later on. Perhaps you meant "To what extent did the Japanese control over Korea have an effect on the culture of the Korean people from 1910-1945?" + is there A lot of available information?
  6. Anyone else feeling the pressure at the moment? I'd say I'm at an 8/10 and I'm usually a calm and collected person. If I don't get atleast a 34 I don't get into university (atleast in august) because the Ontario App only lets you accept one offer of admission. I was predicted around a 38, and I would say I'm a good student, but I could see myself doing as bad as a 33 if things don't go as planned (my computer science teacher is pretty bad, I had to self teach myself all of the theory and the HL stuff), if I get 2 6's 2 5's and 2 4s, and 3 bonus points I get into NOWHERE . I hate how ~70% of o
  7. I'm pretty sure there's 5 questions per unit (I know there is for Paper 2) worst case scenario I also am quite comfortable with civil rights for paper 3. Cold war is my best subject, and Causes, practices & effects of war is the largest unit, so If i study everything from it, I should be fine . If i cant answer 1/5 questions for a unit. im doing something wrong to begin with . still an insurmountable amount of stuff to study nonetheless.
  8. I used to be a 7 in math until Semester 2 where i completely spaced out, now I'm doing math review tests from now to the 3rd :\
  9. I actually find he H&H questions tougher than the exam ones!
  10. I'm much more into the theater of the absurd etc, I find Death of a Salesman bland :\, low word:technique ratio
  11. winter, because its warm here but not too hot and rainy like summer IA Stress or Exam Stress?
  12. Hey, I see where you're going with this and my advice would be to see if the information is there BEFORE committing to a question, if you can find books at your library, your local bookstore or amazon.com, that contain primary information "pictures of old north korean propaganda from X time period" etc and you can find lots of them, then do it! but if the information isn't there, its probably not a good idea to do that topic. I did my IA on the reaction of contemporary media to the anti communist speeches of McCarthy, which was basically an analysis of propaganda, so I kindof know the amount
  13. My friend's and I have been writing notes on everything Paper 2/3 for my school's Syllabus (We took route 2 if you look at the syllabus), for HL we've been doing the Americas. Although for the final Exam I'm going to focus on Paper 2- Causes, Practices and effects of war & Cold War Paper 3 - Great depression/ New deal, Cold War, and probably US involvement in WW2,
  14. As you all know, (or should know) the History Paper 2 has 5 questions per topic and you choose to write two essays, from 2 different topics. the HL paper 3 has 5 questions per topic and you have to answer 3 questions from different topics. How are you approaching studying this? I started just studying everything (Paper 2 & 3) but it seems like an overwhelming amount of names, dates, places, statistics and concepts to remember!
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