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  1. Or is it too early? I would really love to look over the HL TZ1 to see how I did. If they aren't available now, does anyone know when they will be available. I wasn't sure whether I should put this here, or somewhere in Exam Discussion, so I decided to put it here.
  2. My school doesn't. I wish they did though.
  3. I just finished this IA. I got lazy so I only have two graphics in mine. Also I think that I probably did stuff wrong, and at the minimum probably got a lot of the technical stuff wrong. But it's late and I'm too lazy to fix it. This is the least favorite IA I've ever had to do.
  4. Nope. Did you ever have a crush on a cartoon/comic (including anime/manga/etc.) character?
  5. I like the world we live in, and thus from my perception it is "perfect". But really, what does "perfect" mean other then a perception of the world. Just because it's subjective does not dismiss it's value. But even if something is "perfect" how does that prove that god made it and thus exists? If you bash random (completely random) keys on the keyboard if you did this for an infinite period of time, you would end up typing out plays by shakespeare and other works perfectly. Considering we're dealing with probabilities on an infinite scale it is just as possible that perfection would come to e
  6. SAT I CR: 760 M: 720 W: 690 Total: 2170 SAT II Chem: 700 Math 2: 710 Disappointed in all of them tbh, but I don't really think I have a chance to get into MIT and the rest of the top league schools in the US I don't really like, thus I'm planning on going to Virginia Tech, and my scores should be fine for that, so I will not be taking it again.
  7. So I did an experiment about paper helicopters. The IV was the amount of paperclips attached and thus mass, and the DV was time it takes for the helicopter to reach the ground from a specified height. I'm unsure where I'm supposed to go with the analysis. I would strongly appreciate it if someone could just give me general nudges in the area of good places to analyze. But I will probably end up having to ask a lot of questions. >_<
  8. He seems to wants to help the people, at least comparatively with most politicians, but he's really bad at his job. If he were competent I would support him, but as he is I definitely don't.
  9. Do you have links to a database of questions from previous tests? My teacher has one, and she literally uses those questions on the test.
  10. I don't even know where to start with this one: Prove: cosƟ-isinƟ=cis(-Ɵ) O.o
  11. I have an interview with an MIT alumni tomorrow, and I don't feel that good about it. Anyone have any advice or tips? Not just "Be your self and relax" because I don't really feel like that tip will help me much. >_<
  12. 1. How long do you prepare for the SAT? (e.g. a month before the exam, etc...) Night before. 2. What kind of resources do you use in order to prepare for the SAT? (e.g. princeton books, etc...) CollegeBoard site practice test. 3. How often do you study for the SAT until the exam date? (e.g. twice a week for two hours each, etc....) 4ish hours night before.
  13. I filled it out and pressed finish and then a login screen came up. Do I have to sign up?
  14. Yes so I can do everything that I don't do in fear of repercussions right before then.
  15. Set a specific time, and stick to it. I use this. Set a goal for what you want to accomplish and predict how much time it'll take you. Then come up with a punishment for yourself if you don't . The punishment shouldn't be major, but enough to motivate you. My punishment was eating a slice of Zucchini, I HATE Zucchini. If you need to read a book other then IB before a test to calm down, make sure to read throw away books that really have nothing worth remembering in them, meaning no deeper morals, no mythology or historic references. Nada. Like a book written for normal non-IB teens.
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