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  1. Hahaha absolutely... but i'm leaving now because probably if I work the whole night i'll still have a third of the work left NP likes Math
  2. Yes.. don't talk about it please !!! hahaha NP is on IBY2
  3. you are that NP procrastinates with this page every day for at least 40 minutes
  4. banned because were you live is winter
  5. Hot because if you do an addition with the numbers on your display they sum 7 ! ( lucky number )
  6. I Love brazil !!! specially morro de sao paulo ¡ PRAIA 2-3-4 o melhor do mundo! Hey hi ! south american here too ... You really understand me but i'm on my IBY2. For real it's not the problem of IB, it's your school it happened the same to me, my schol realized we had to send all the IA's to the IB on march so they didn't find anything greater than giving as everything for 3 weeks in each assignature... it's insane and while i'm on my summer break, same as you, I will have to do my IA's of math, project group 4, IA of spanish and EE !!! (already finished the others) but I will continue wo
  7. It's not impossible ! you can do it, I dedicate 8-12 hours weekly on sports and go out once in the week (friday or saturday) + we have a group with some friends with the ones we coordinate once a week for 2 hours to talk about different topics and i'm getting good marks 6-7s (ToK is another story hahaha i don't get it ! :) ) The only thing that I can tell is that if you are going to do extra things as I do with sports or the group that I mentioned is that I sleep less haha (about 7 hours, normally but when there's a due date for an IA or something like that it's like 3 hours) Just as the so
  8. haha Banned for not understanding > i'm on summer break !!!! only 80 IB days left > march to 18th of may ( it's less than 80 days ! yay )
  9. haha yes that's right Hot because your nickname contains the word "mar" wich one in spanish means ocean
  10. Not because of your lack of creativity
  11. Not because... what does it matter that I posted at that hour ?!?!?!?! jajaja
  12. banned because you have 2 stars of reputation and I don't
  13. before everything I take a look on my test, there's always something that the teacher could mark as wrong and its good or got the wrong points when he/she counted them And if it is so I think why I did so bad, in what I failed,etc And if it's about math HL, I have cried twice.... but not after receiving the mark but after doing it.... both times was a final.
  14. I have almost the same topic ¬¬ ramayana>whole play>customs I saw this and really started hating you hahaha just kidding, but really I have the same research investigation as you..... ¬¬
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