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  1. Yes it is, if it was math or in sciences then it might be normal, but for humanities you should reach between 3500-4000 words.
  2. A note: It has some problems with arrangements however it contains some important information
  3. Can you tell a little bit about what you are going to do in more details
  4. I know that many of you want to remark some of their papers, so Here is the grade boundaries of many subject (they are official): Biology HL FINAL SUBJECT % Grade From To 1 0 15 2 16 29 3 30 42 4 43 54 5 55 66 6 67 78 7 79 100
  5. Guys you did it, now we finished an important step in our life. I would like to say congratulation for those who achieved the full diploma and for those who did not make it, it is not the end of the world. My supervisor give me my results, and my reaction was that i felt happy (thanks god): Grade Subject MAY 2012 - ARABIC A1 SL in ARABIC 6 MAY 2012 - ENGLISH B HL in ENGLISH 6 MAY 2012 - BUS.& MAN. SL in ENGLISH 7 MAY 2012 - CHEMISTRY EE in ENGLISH A MAY 2012 - BIOLOGY HL in ENGLISH 7 MAY 2012 - CHEMISTRY HL in ENGLISH 7 MAY 2012 - MATHEMATICS SL in EN
  6. I would say that your IA may be excellent, because location is both interesting and focused. Tools in business is really general; surveys is a tool, and I will second what Kim said, SWOT and PEST may be suitable, you may look for the competitive rivalry in the place and use porter, and you will find this while working on it. Good Luck
  7. The combination of Chem HL and Bio HL isn't that easy, it requires a lot of studying besides the lab reports that you should do . And according to your post you don't even like Bio. I will recommend french if you are good at it. Teacher isn't important to be harsh or not the most important thing that is he able to prepare you for the coming tests in May 2013 or n't. Btw what is your third HL?
  8. Different things i need to note, first of all which subject you are working on. As you may know that you should choose one subject that IB offers and let the title be from that subject. According to your questions , i can hardly relate it to any of the IB subjects. So please make that clear. Secondly, to avoid getting random answers, and also to avoid the time needed for selection, you can use one of many websites that are there to make surveys and then post you link here. As always you are more than welcomed
  9. يا هلابك و مرحبابك اعزائي العرب امل المشاركة في هذا الميدان ليكون ميدان تواصل بين العرب من كافة الاقطار، لننتناقش بما يهمنا كطلاب بكالوريا و ايضا بما يهم الامة العربية من تحديات صعبة و جسيمة، و لنري العالم ان كلمتنا موحدة لا تنكسر او تتفرق
  10. First of all i think that to not have much studies with the same topic is an advantage for you. It is exactly what ib wants, it makes your topic original. To add to what Sandwich said, i think your experiment would be simple, but you should give a little bit for searching for a reason, how caffiene would effect our nervous system, and how will that affect be a factor in enhancing or worsen our reaction time, or is it different from a human to another. In reality, you shouldn't do all of that because may be there are some people who already did it, but you should search, to build your EE and H
  11. No i don't think so, because it isn't an anti-fever (as they said before). And secondly they were asking for immunity response, which monocyte can't prove i refered to graph 2 which showed that only ibuprofin showed a change after 7 days. Other than that, i think that the monocyte don't prove any thing, since there is maybe an increase of monocyte production when one drug is used, or may be one drug will kill it or stop its production (so for me it didn't prove anything). Graph 1 and 2 proved more things. I don't know if any one refered to the point that the sample is small, there was only 14-
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