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  1. Do any of you guys know any websites or articles that contain any TOK elements?
  2. i want to do my IA on Chi squared test but have no idea how to state my topic. I want to do it related to sports and like the amount of kids that do sports on a regular basis and some that dont. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you
  3. I got a 21 out of 30 on my english IOP and i would like 2 know what score that is. Is it a 7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
  4. ****** is bitches, bitches, I think they full of estrogen And we hold court, take your life for the settlement Yes, I'm the best. and no I ain't positive, I'm definate I know the game like I'm reffing it LIL WAYNE
  5. i get wasted and blasted so hard i dont ever remember anything.
  6. 1) yes 2) yes 3) no i end up procrastinating 2 much i uppose to be makin my english IA but im playin call of duty 4 and talkin on here
  7. You play 3 positions. Center, Guard, and Tackle. You sit at the center of the bench. You guard the water cooler. and you tackle whoever goes near it. Lmao i always use this joke
  8. So i have to talk in front of my class for 10 to 15 minutes but i really hate presenting and am really shy but i could overcome all that. I need help getting some ideas to start. [u]My Topic is The Sexual encounters Esteban Trueba has with Clara and Transito differ from ech there to help characterize them[/u]. I just need some ideas on the topic like how should i approach it or the purpos of the author doing this or just any ideas or pointers to help me get on track. Please Help me and Thank you to however helps me it is greatly appreciated
  9. For CAS do we need to have 75 community hours for both our junior and senior year or can i just have like one big community service project where i have like 175 hours in the summer going into my senior year and have this count for the 150 hours. Please help me im really confused
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