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  1. How did you all find it? Paper 1 was pretty straightforward, as usual -- but I wished I had picked the first question, about public and merit goods, instead of the second one, which I believe was about government expenditure. Paper 2, for once in my personal tenure, actually went well... I'd always struggle with them and time management but I nailed it this time. The biggest setback was probably that I forgot to include a diagram in one of my 8-mark questions. Other than that, I feel I did fairly well. I picked 1, 4, and 5 for the case studies.
  2. I'm pretty sure I chose carbon fixation, but it's really hard to remember now. I believe I chose B1, which I found alright but I missed some marks as I mentioned. I didn't like P1. But I never like P1 p2 was good. Section A was great and I think I did B2, the one on simple harmonic motion and nuclear physics. p3, I did the same options. i really didn't like astrophysics this year though. How much did you get the temperature of the star Betelgeuse to be? It just didn't work out for me, I don't know what I messed up. No memory of that now but I think I messed up on it too, as I was doing it
  3. How did you all find the Papers? I know it's been a bit of time since we took them, but I didn't see any topic for Timezone 2 so I decided to create one. I found Paper 1 to be much better and easier than past ones I looked at; when I did practice ones I'd always do worse than I wanted to but I felt good about the real paper. Paper 2 was somewhat difficult but very manageable; I missed a few marks but everything was doable. Paper 3 was cake for me but was longer than I expected it to be (especially since I spent too much time overthinking the power question in Quantum, when all it was was a sim
  4. I had the TZ2 questions and I responded to #10 in General Questions, the one about how "readers' reactions to a literary work can be influenced by their knowledge of its historical background". I used two of my Part 3 works in the essay, which were novels: Their Eyes Were Watching God and Wide Sargasso Sea. The essay went very well in hindsight -- in fact, I came out of the examination room thinking, "Wow, that was one of the best essays I ever wrote." I managed to use some really supportive (and direct) quotes I had memorized, present a cohesive argument, evaluate my points, and provide a goo
  5. I completed the Quantum and Nuclear Physics option and the Astrophysics option this year, and thoroughly enjoyed them. They're actually the topics I performed the best in out of the 10 I studied in IB1/2.
  6. All I can recall immediately is that one of the Paper 2 Section A questions was about the Binomial Theorem.
  7. Well basically it was a trig function, with a period of 0-20. I couldn't remember how to find all the values though, so I missed the last 6 marks. And you'd think the last part of the question would've steered me towards that, instead of confusing me even more well that makes sense, i.e. for the part with the chart values, you could have just plugged them into some kind of cosx function and so on. Or something along those lines, I think. Oh well
  8. Just French B over here, but only a handful of the DP students take it. We have one person who does Spanish A1 SL and another who does French A1 SL as a self study class, since those are what they consider their first language. Most of the DP students are either in French ab initio or Spanish ab initio.
  9. In regard to the Paper itself, I found it relatively easy -- in fact, I probably did a little better on it than I did on Paper 1, which was not the case at all with my mocks. But I couldn't figure out how to approach the last question (TZ2), the one about the ferris wheel. I think I got some parts of it right, but most of it was guesswork. Could anyone explain, if they remember the question enough? I get the feeling it's something really simple that I overlooked, but then again, the question was pretty unfamiliar (which reflects my failure to study (enough) past paper questions).
  10. Yeah, you need to use binomialpdf on your calculator. There were 4 trials, the desired outcome had the probability of 4/16 and X=3 and 4. Basically, you have to plug in your calculator Binompdf(4, (4/16), 3) and Binompdf (4, (4/16), 4) and the sum of the two numbers is the answer. Your method seems right, but the logic I followed was finding binomcdf(4, (4/16), 2) and then subtracting that from 1. Both approaches seem identical in yield (too lazy to check with a calculator ).
  11. I chose the prose piece entitled "About the End of History". I was reluctant at first, but since I got a 7 on my Paper 1 mock exam doing a prose piece, I had a bias and naturally gravitated towards doing the prose. Big mistake in hindsight... halfway through, I found it really difficult to organize my thoughts into a cohesive argument. The pressure I felt also caused me to explore my argument in a way that I feel was somewhat superficial... but I think it was good enough -- I got something down in the end, which is all I could ask for, I suppose. I decided to link the excerpt to Wide Sargasso
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